Racial disparity in COVID cases far worse than you imagined, CDC data shows

Not intrinsically though, just because of our shitty industrialized food systems.

Here too,

imagine a country where the president had not ordered the CDC to stop doing daily press briefings because it made him look bad

imagine even just weekly briefings and getting actual knowledge distributed through all media since they respect the source regardless of the trump nominated asshat heading the agency


There is a known confounder that might play a part in this (I mean, besides the structural racism in the USA.) Blood type A seems to be a risk factor all by itself, and “Caucasians” are 40% type A,African-Americans 26%, Hispanic (?) 31%, and “Asian” ~28%.

So if you just compare “White” and “Black” you should expect the “White” rate to be about 7% higher. Yes, other way 'round – but it’s actually worse than it on first glance appears.

Connecticut posts a daily breakdown, that also includes a larger demographic report every Thursday.

It isn’t just that COVID has a big racial disparity in who it kills, it has an even-bigger disparity if you take age adjusted death rates into play. Here’s yesterday’s graph for CT.

CT Age Adjusted

I noticed in last week’s full update that COVID has now killed over 1.5% of everyone in CT >= 80 years old.

Not CFR. Not IFR. Not infection rate. It has killed 1 in 66 Nutmeggers 80 and over.

And, unlike NYS, CT has and has had a strict policy of not allowing COVID patients to be admitted into (regular) nursing homes.

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