A clear and powerful story about the racial disparity of COVID-19, presented in comic form

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/12/04/a-clear-and-powerful-story-about-the-racial-disparity-of-covid-19-presented-in-comic-form.html


Great piece. I’m glad it openly discusses this whole BS myth of “natural Black immunity” to disease, which has been a nasty undertone of American racism since the days of slavery.

Now cue the white brocialists who’ll tell us it’s all really about economic class.


One thing confuses me about this. It says that social media is the primary vehicle for spreading disinformation and that the recipients don’t have access to accurate information. But social media requires access to the WWW and many websites offer accurate information. So, it seems, that people do have access but they aren’t utilizing it or are utilizing it and choose to believe the wrong facts.

Social media requires access to the Internet. It can be and is often accessed by dedicated phone and tablet apps rather than Web (more precisely http/https) browsers. The social media companies very much prefer that one uses those apps for more of a “walled garden” and less of a “net neutral” experience.

Since a disproportionate number of Black Americans are poor, the only access to the Internet many of them have is through a phone or tablet. If they’re FB or Twitter users (or Instagram or Reddit or YT, etc.), they’re endlessly prompted to install the apps even if they try to access them through the phone’s built-in browser. A lot of these users seldom use the Web browser on their phones.


Lol…first time I hear about the NMA (National Medical Association) in… okay isolation.
(It’s still in isolation in the comic, really…well, one set of pages at a time.)
So Google helpfully (as if!) says in cohort Leaving AMA is leaving against medical advice (not leaving the American Medical Association, which travelling music should sound particularly distinct and off.) Oh my. Where is that 10% of Net : Practice Insurance conversation?


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