Racism and SNL

“Other shows like SNL still do a great job at finding ways to inspire great satire.”

Oh this is fantastic.
A show where most of the time black cast members portray a demeaning racial stereotype as the punchline is Morrissey’s example of satire done right.
It’s funny stuff until it’s about you.


That’s actually not true about the current cast of SNL.

Yes, that is what Garrett Morris had to endure and there were decades when the black cast members were few and far between but the last ten years or so have been a huge improvement.


Garret was a shining gem in the early years of SNL, and is still an amazing actor.


This skit was a topper for me, I laughed myself into an asthma attack.



I don’t mean to take anything away from him. He was great but too often he had to deal with “edgy” white humour that was really just lazy racism (like being a model for lawn jockeys).


I disagree

Video not available in my country…


Sorry about that!

It’s not just this skit, but it is common for the ignorant black person to be the punchline (or sometimes just “black voice” alone) in a lot of skits. I guess that is fair in “satire”, but personally I find it more offensive than funny.

Again, that was true in the past, but they have far more black performers now who are also writers (not to mention that one of the head writers, Michael Che is black). It seems to me that black voices are now pretty prevalent on the show.

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Black writers mean that the joke isn’t racist?
Is it possible that the black writers are forced into that type of demeaning humor because those are the skits that are being chosen?

Aside from all of this… It is ok that ignorant characters dramatized by using “black voice” isn’t all that funny to me. You see it differently and that’s fine, I’m not trying to change your opinion.

You made me very glad I missed most of those SNL years. :unamused:


The sexism was just as ‘wonderful’ then too, despite excellent comedians who did fantastic work with what they were given.


There were some great sketches from those years too, but like most eras of SNL it was generally a hit-to-miss ratio of about 1 in 5 with the rest ranging from forgettable to atrocious. We tend to romanticize how good SNL used to be because the best sketches of each era stick around while the rest are relegated to the pop culture dustbin.


In the days when I might have seen SNL it would have always been at a party, no one really paying attention (until Phil Hartman would do a “unfrozen Caveman” skit ). The fond memories people have for shows like this may relate to the circumstances more than to the content . Did anyone watch SNL attentive and sober?

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I can personally attest to the fact from 1975 - 1977 while the SNL watched/aired I was in the throws of some kind of drug or alcohol, after that I went to Military Academy, and we didn’t have much time for TV there.



I used to all the time. It might actually be why I’ve never really cared for the show.



The original cast certainly didn’t!


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