Racist Iowa Republican Steve King asks why racism has such a negative stigma


This makes a lot of sense of the, “All Lives Matter” people. They are pushing back against an intent that was clearly their own substitution of the original intent. And no amount of bickering about it will change their minds.


Steve King! Medication time!



Yes, it would seem that for Iowa voters racism is a feature, not a bug.


This; a thousand times, THIS.

Anyone who ‘doesn’t get’ why the idea of any race or ethnic group being “superior” to all others is a bad thing has a seriously broken moral compass.


It’s apparently reference:


“They won’t even admit that the knife is there…”


Schrodinger’s knife?


Talk about missing the point. “White nationalist” and “white supremacist” are pretty neutral terms describing an ideology. The ideology on the other hand is quite offensive. If he can’t figure that out, then he’s clearly dumber than I thought.


You’re thinking of a honeydew. Cantaloupes aren’t smooth.


I mean inside the cantaloupe “skull”

Smooth baby!

Also - a dig at him for his cantaloupe comments


The best-case scenario* I can think of (and, in which case, he’s still a scumfuck) is that he’s trying to get thrown out of the GOP, so he can run as an independent in 2020, and not face the primary challenger (I think yesterday I read that he had one). But this is overly generous as it assumes the GOP will chuck him out over this.

*(EDIT: for him, I mean; not the rest of us)


Whenever some white nationalist asshole starts spouting off about Western Civilization, I start poking the bear with comments like, “oh you’re a fan of Marxism?” When they say, “no of course not,” I usually follow it up with monarchy and vassalage or maybe homeopathy. They seem to have a hard time understanding that the history of Western Civilization is not their imagined monolithic ideal.


I was so close to getting bingo, if only he’d said “judeochristian”.


Given your joice of concepts I would guess this method only works on American white nationalist assholes.


That and OP’s comment were some of the deepest, most insightful bias neutral thinking I’ve ever seen on BB.

Ironic that its in a thread about a man so openly vile and ignorant of his own thinking and that of those around him


I can only guess he was not paying attention in his “Western Civilization” classes. Race did not enter into those discussions whereas White Nationalist and White Supremacy have always been about race.



I want out of this timeline and into the better one. The disgusting orange boar, and the other like minded pigs, ruining this world is as surreal as a video game.


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Every civilization has its good and bad aspects. Chinese civilization had foot binding and mind-boggling fatal civil wars, like the 1860s Taiping Rebellion (perhaps 30 million dead!). Does that mean anyone who is Chinese and loves Chinese civilization also needs to defend foot binding and the slaughter of the Taiping Rebellion? Of course not…


Replying to myself. Some stuff I’ve noticed from staring into the abyss.

Breitbart has recently tried to distance itself from seeming on the surface to be the cesspool it actually is, while still cultivating that same cesspool.

“Jew”, “Libtard” and a bunch of other terms get you into the moderation bucket. This changed recently, and when it changed was when prominent Democrats started getting bombs in the mail, and the Synagogue got shot up. Within a few days of these events, in fact.

I’m not sure how long before, but it wasn’t always this way: Their Disqus forum is inaccessible outside of their site, and locked down so it can’t be indexed by search engines. I suspect that after the main flurry of posting is over, they go back and nuke the majority of the thread from orbit, because lots of times I can’t find stuff that I know was posted and didn’t get moderated.

It’s all very telling. And it seems like it works; I know conservative readers of Breitbart who really don’t believe me that it’s a cesspool of racism and homophobia. That the editorial tone is anything but, and they’re not signaling to those people at all.

I’d love to see someone just make a daily comment scrape of the site, just so the less shitty conservatives can actually see it going on.