US congressman Steve King thinks white people are the most awesome "subgroup"

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Isn’t this line of reasoning the exact thing white supremacists cite when talking about how they are the superior race?

Shouldn’t the next thing out of his mouth be examples of how other races are inferior.


It’s implied.


He’s running for re-election this year.

  • religion

um… hello?

Jesus was white, and invented religion.


Jesus was white, and invented religion.

And punk futurism.


Got to get the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing vote you know!


Let’s ask Chris Rock!


Add in smoking tobacco and drinking beer.

But anyway, attributing race to anything good or bad is really is too overly broad to be useful. One degree out is all of mankind. More specific cultures (though usually fairly homogeneous as far as race goes, historically) is a more useful tool for assigning credit and blame. And of course, the people of a culture today are not the same people of that culture from say 500 or 1000 years ago.

People who counter that black pride does the same thing, misses the point that no one puts people down and assume they are that way because they are white (though they DO do that with their culture). But all blacks are lumped together for some reason. Well, racism is the reason.


I think that was neo punk futurism, to be fair. At any rate, not his most respected work, coming after he moved from his Acoustic Jesus period into the Electric Jesus era. :thinking:


Yeah, we can expect to hear something soon along the lines of “Why don’t you ever see any {{MarginalizedGroup}} inventors?”

Also, add moveable type to the list.


and drinking beer.

Yeah, but it was white people who invented the bottle where the mountains turn blue when the beer is cold, so we should probably split credit for that one.


Your own… personal… Jesus?


If he was anything (and the Jesus figure was probably an amalgamation of numerous itinerant rabbis and embellished stories from that time period), he was Judean. Curly hair, brown skin, etc… to quote a Mizrahi associate of mine, “he probably looked like one of my uncles who forgot to shave.” I just find it rather interesting that everyone keeps forgetting that, and instead just projects their own ethnic features onto the zombie god as some kind of deific tabula rasa mirror, although, I will admit that the only reason I care at all is because people will use this as the first step in erasure of Jewish ethnicity. Otherwise, IDGAF.

Staying on topic, however, is this really any surprise? Mr. King was already a vile pustule of a human being before his new fascist leader was getting the blessing of the political party; is it really any surprise that he’s explicitly endorsing white supremacy, instead of just hinting at it?


He’s running for a House seat in Iowa with a district that’s very white and mostly populated with rural conservative sorts. Surely there are some folks in Ames, Sioux City, and a few other Iowan mini-cities that are royally pissed, but the reason the guy can get away with saying the hate-mongering, racist, ignorant things he’s said for more than a decade and get reelected is that most of his voters are fine with the hate-mongering, racist, ignorant things he says.


Sure… I just love to post that gif, because Chris Rock!

I guess there are really two Jesus’ right - the historical Jesus, who was Judean, most certainly Jewish, etc. And then there is the Christian Jesus, who conforms to which ever sect is employing him as a religious symbol… hence, in black churches, he’s black, in Orthodox Churches, he’s orthodox, etc and so on. The symbolic Jesus bears little resemblance, most likely to the historical one.

Not at all! What an asshole! These guys have been empowered and all of us who are not part of the “master race” or refuse to conform are going to pay the price for that - no matter if Trump wins or not.


Jesus’ vocals sounded so much better before he quit smoking.


He may not have invented the cold, dead eyed, stare. But he’s certainly working in perfecting it.

Admittedly, martial arts probably shouldn’t be on that list, at least as something non-white people invented. Every culture, at one time or another, created a codified method of beating up someone else. It’s just that, in Europe, it either disappeared with changes in military technology or faded so far into sport that its original combatives were lost. But not all martial arts are kung fu or karate. That’s classic Orientalism (“Those wise, inscrutable and mystical Asians created special ways to hit other people unlike everyone else”), a racism all its own.

Then again, you could add the wheel to the list.


I think there’s a little something to be said for a kind of “pride in your heritage.” Generally speaking, that helps form a positive self-identity and is generally a positive thing, even if it leads to occasional weirdness. Even as a white person, that’s not - in and of itself - a negative trait.

What makes it negative is that he assumes that white people are the ONLY people who have LEGITIMATE pride in their heritage. That makes him a fool.

It’s one thing for me to say, “Hey, white folks did some pretty cool things.” It’s another thing for me to say, “Hey, no one EXCEPT white folks EVER does cool things.”

There’s some deep irony in the persecution of middle-eastern people by white Christians in America. A rather SIGNIFICANT part of Jesus’s message is that ethnicity is no indicator of morality - perhaps a fairly controversial statement among Jewish communities in Roman-occupied Judea at the time. And he did the whole “whatsoever you do to my people, you do to me” speech, reading the other-as-self in a pretty remarkable way.

But if the Second Coming was tomorrow and in Cleveland, Jesus would be imprisoned as a terrorist if he wasn’t shot.