Rackmount your lone Raspberry Pi

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What a glorious statement this would make sitting on my desk.


This might solve a problem.

What that problem might be, I have no idea.

  1. Convince yourself that you need a multihundred node cluster to test ideas about message passing.
  2. Realize that you can’t get the node count without using Pis
  3. Realize that you now have several hundred pis sitting on your desk amid a rats nest of cabling…

I think there has to be a rack, but that must be the only thing in it.


Or now you have 100 problems… or whatever number of Pi’s you end up using.


Racks might make everything look neat and tidy, but




Meh, a slow day.


EarthLCD has had something like this available for a while - complete with front mounted LCD screen. I’m still trying to think of an excuse to get one, but so far no luck.


That’s hilarious. Another way to go is a 1U project box. Attach an LCD display and a few flashing LEDs to make it even more awesome

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Or you can get desk with rack-mount panels:

A friend designed this desk, and I’ve manufactured it from Baltic birch plywood. There are more photos at friend’s site.


I mounted mine in a small Adafruit case with a tiny lcd to the bottom of one of my monitors.
But don’t think for a second I didn’t look at rack mount options first. (I was worried I wouldn’t have enough space in my rack…)

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Mount it in a rubber duck

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Actually you can get rack floors and rack blinds quite cheap. I used a rack floor to mount a Pi, external HDD, USB hub and power supply in 1HU of a 8HU audio rack. The only practicable way to get rid of todays cable pest: the one tiny, lightweight device that has a dozen of thick, sturdy too long or too short cables coming out of every side of it. Now I just need similar ways to cram my USB DVB reciever, 7" display, DJ controller and these godawful desktop synthesizers that have mostly replaced rack synths.

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I have the sneaking suspicion that that is a bit of a low volume product. If you, for some reason, need that sort of pi density the computer modules would allow markedly higher density without the cable hassle; but would require producing enough carrier boards to make them individually cost effective; which is a number of carrier boards.

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Nice spinning disk ipod, so retro!


First generation! Still works!

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I mean, I can kinda see this being useful if you’re using a pi as the driver for a status board.

I build test rigs around RPis. This would be useful if you mounted other components in the spare space but I don’t really see the point of a Pi-specific mount. Just get an empty case and drill holes anywhere you want.