Radio host hopes Ebola will cleanse America of gays and atheists


How does this guy say these things without letting a snicker creep into his voice?

That is some prime, comedic self-control!

“Christ, what an asshole.”


And sluts! You forgot sluts.


Considering that the only two people in America with Ebola are devout Christian missionaries, I think God has other plans.

What could be a clearer sign for this broadcaster than that?!


I’m not Jewish so I don’t know if this is the right word but what a Putz!

Fucking hypocrite. Here’s another one of those guys who claims to worship a loving and merciful God while praying for the mass deaths of those who actually practice acceptance and tolerance.


If I recall my Christian nomenclature correctly, those Christian missionaries weren’t a part of this asshole’s denomination. And since this asshole believes only those who commune with his sect will go to heaven, it’s a sign that God is smiting these “so-called” Christians for doing it wrong. At least that’s how he would sell it.

Basically this fear mongering is designed to ensnare you in a fear so strong that you so you won’t turn to any other sources for all your Christian needs (and consequently your juicy, delicious tithing dollars won’t go to anyone else).


Uhhh . . . ebola is known to be fatal in what, 70% of cases?

So you can bet it won’t just be gays and atheists and sluts who will succumb.

Rx: Mandatory “vaccine” for “Christian” broadcasters.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are just hoping that it will “cleanse America” of idiotic Radio talk Show Hosts!



We shouldn’t give this guy the attention he so clearly craves.

Please Boing Boing realize that by even discussing this guy, we bump up his SEO ranking, spread his message of hate, and otherwise empowers his voice.

The next time an unreasonable person broadcasts a deliberately inflammatory opinion, let’s collectively ignore him, rather than fan the fire (even through ridicule).


I was just going to say the same thing. Now that Falwell and Phelps are gone, how about we simply leave empty the position of Grand Whackjob?


Imma leave this here.

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Please clean up your mess. And in the future, stop leaving stuff like that lying around.


I’d be willing to contribute to send him and as many of his washed-in-the-blood cohort as possible to West Africa to nurse Ebola victims. When the locals see that God’s protection prevents the saved from becoming infected, they will rush to join his flock, increasing his following at the same time as stemming the epidemic. I can’t see any downside.


AIDS didn’t turn out to be the hand of gawd either, nor TB, gonorrhea or syphilis. What makes this idiot think Ebola’s the one?


She’s a fine troll.
Too bad there is a significant demographics that takes her seriously.
Which makes her even finer troll.

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I dunno. I think it is good to reminded fairly often of just how butt stupid people can be.

I agree in theory it’s a good idea to call out stupidity. Unfortunately in practice, it often results in empowering that stupidity, even spreading it around.

For instance when Bill Nye debated that creationist dolt, it helped raise millions of dollars for his creation ‘museum’. In essence Bill Nye may have single-handedly reinvigorated a propaganda tool which had previously been withering away under it’s own irrelevance.