"Radioactive Boy Scout" dead at 39


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Suppose we should wait on the official word, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was due to his “experiments”. It’s sad when anyone dies. All accounts point to a lot of reckless behavior. If you’re going to play with hazardous materials, do it right.

(This young fellow seems to have a proper respect for radiation.)


I saw this coming.

Because of the radioactive glow.



I would like to point out that, like most of us, he did not stay a teenager. He would be about forty now. Also, it sounds like he did not learn his lesson the first time. Building one reactor might be a lark, but building a whole series of unregulated, poorly-shielded reactors is well up the road to lunacy.


Yeah, given how he apparently engaged in some insanely risky acts long after he knew better, I’m guessing some sort of cognitive/mental health issues were involved? Because that seems like some real obsessive behavior. I’m trying to figure out if his obsessive interest could have been constructively channeled, had his environment been better/more supportive, into doing some good science, or if he was just too impaired to be anything but dangerous.


And he was this close to gaining superpowers, too!


Fun Fact: the name of the german sciencist who discoverd nuclear fission was Otto Hahn. He was from Frankfurt like me. Glasbau Hahn, the biggest local company for window building in Frankfurt was founded by his brother.


The “Dead at 39” part of the title seems to back you up.



Wow, that’s severe rad sickness? So the people in my town who spange me all the time may just be radiation sick. Who knew?


Too bad he never found a nice Radium Girl to marry and have a nuclear family.



Silly boy! Super radiation doesn’t give you super powers, it gives you super tumors!




Reading comprehension - how does it work?


Has anybody seen Sting around in the last few months?


I seem to be at about 70 something percent this week, but I’m blaming election trauma.


In this discussion thread on Hacker News, people are saying he suffered from mental illness and the leading theory there seems to be that he took his own life. Last I looked, there was no confirmation of this. Only that he died in his home.


Poor guy. I hope his obsession brought him pleasure.


That was a twofer!