BT 622212453353: a machined sculptural component of a machine from a better future


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You don’t need that much lube when you are machining. Just a fine, steady mist will do.


For lubrication, yes, usually. But maybe he needs it to double as a coolant.

Also, minimum quantity lubrication.
I personally like the flood kind, but that’s me.


Also, the lube is used to wash away the scrap metal.


That’s one fancy orange juicer.


Looks like something from Aperture Laboratories.


A sexy thing to do would be replicas of parts of nuclear weapon physics packages. Whether 1:1 or scaled down.


Years ago my professional metalworker buddy taught me three things that have served me well whenever I’ve used powerful metal cutting tools.

  • Use enough oil.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of oil.
  • Don’t spare the oil.


So THAT’S where my flux capacitor went!


Better? It looks like a cluster bomb.

If it were a better future it would be a cluster bomb made of sentient knives.


This is not an actual, physical thing, is it? It’s CGI?


The copious oil is there to facilitate rule 34 fantasies for those so inclined…


I’m a micro-mist guy…

& you are right about flooding… When you’re running fast. I like to take my dear sweet time.


Do you know about the guy who made a 1:1 A-bomb replica?


“We’re just throwing science at the wall and seeing what sticks.”


That’s nice, but what does it do?


In the Eagle Scout hall of fame there’s a kid who forced the org to offer a nuclear power merit badge.

He built a working reactor in his backyard shed, using uranium samples he tricked companies into giving him and scavenged smoke detectors for fuel.

This was during the 1970s and 1980s

ETA. I got details wrong. But he did get pretty far. And he did have quite a lot of radioactive material stockpiled.


It’s an interesting story and well worth reading, but there’s been an Atomic Energy Merit Badge in the BSA since 1963. It was renamed the Nuclear Power Merit Badge quite some time after I earned it, but well before David Hahn’s arrest, I think.

The BSA has been a very effective cheerleader for nuclear power, for both good and bad reasons. The merit badge process basically served as a propaganda machine for the industry, and a lot of the nuke shills I meet are former Boy Scouts.


It’s actually a sad story. The guy was arrested in 2007 stealing smoke alarms for Americium, and apparently he doesn’t observe proper precautions for handling radioactive materials.


John Coster-Mullen, aka Atomic John?

He wrote a pretty comprehensive book about it. A thick spiral-bound self-published volume.

I have a signed copy.