Radiohead's "Creep" vs. The Hollies' "The Air That I Breathe"

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We’ll they’re both based on the same very simple chord progression, I guess. So when you play them in the same key, the melodies will tend to harmonise. Nice to listen to.

Is every 12-bar blues song a rip-off of the first one? Well, yes. Does it matter? No.


That was awesomely beautiful. Course, I like both songs anyways.


I agree, that was pretty cool to listen to. I’ve always been a fan of the Hollies… plus they give me another opportunity to tell my daughter, “see? people DO write songs about girls named Eloise… most of them were written long ago, but they still were written!”

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Dig their version of ELO, Mr Blue Sky -

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Simple? That’s a very odd chord progression. I’m surprised there are two of them.

But… So “very” special? Really?



But I’m a wimp… I’m a wussy… what the heck am I doin’ here… I don’t belong here…


Hammond and Hazlewood not in the Hollies. Maybe best version of this song is by Phil Everly…

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