Here's Robert Hazard's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" from 1979, four years before Cyndi Lauper's cover

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There was a post on this last week:


it won’t let me watch the OP but this one works for me.
it’s really good except Hazzard is blatantly biting Elvis Costello. Which is wack, philosophically, but it sounds really good.
I love Cyndi, too, for the record.



Me neither.

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i really like it. i can see the comparisons to Costello, but it still works here.

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Yes, and the earworm I got from it last week finally gave up and wandered off to someplace else… Oh! Why, hello there, little worm! :laughing: Oh well, at least I like the song…

We call that a re-boing around here. Get used to them, there can be multiples a day.

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Since we’re re-boinging I’ll jump in and relate that I played in Robert’s band prior to his hitting the big-time. He was an affable guy, and the shows we played (like opening for the Dead Boys on Philly’s South Street in some dingy bar) were a gas. Then Robert made a deal and fired all of us for a slick put-together outfit at the hands of the town’s biggest promoter. But I heard the way his new band played those songs that we had crafted together out of Robert’s musical ideas and they played my parts note for note. That was the moment I realized I was a good player. All water under the bridge now, thanks for the memories!


While we’re here, there’s a demo version by Cyndi that is really, really good.


Huh, had no idea Lauper’s version was a cover. The original is good, with vocal stylings heavily influenced by Richard Hell more so than the aforementioned Elvis Costello, in my opinion. I see he also did Escalator of Life, which is a nice little 80s earworm.

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