Radovan Karadzic will die in jail


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Pretty effective disguise, with his hair and beard grown out. But Serbian security has experts who specialize in this sort of thing


He got off easy, compared to what happened to his many victims.




Deportation is a war crime?
Paging Mr. Obama…


Of foreign nationals, no. Of nationals, yes. Deportation may refer to kicking people out of their own country, or forcibly moving them to another part of the country as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign.


Um… okay. I’m good with that.


Actually I was kidding, but I think I recall Trump talking about deporting Muslims who are American citizens.


Is it just because I am American that it seems crazy to me that he gets 40 years for genocide and jot, like, 100,000 life sentences served consecutively?


That’s why we invented hell.



And good that it was dealt with in this way as well. All according to the rule of law, making it clear that this was a crime, but with no blood-lust or revenge, because we’re being better than him.

40 years will do the same job. Besides, this sentence for planning and ordering the genocide. There are lots of individual sentences that we would like to hand down for all the individual crimes that were committed here. We’ll probably never see them all handed out, but we shouldn’t stop trying.


I completely agree, and (for example) if you ask me I will make all the right noises about how the US needs to shorten sentences and decriminalize some minor offenses, etc. I was just surprised by how automatically I expected to see a ridiculously redundant sentence handed down here.


Yup. Candidates have also promised to kick out American children because their parents are illegal immigrants.


Well they’re not really American.

Cf: President Obama.


It’s a good start! Now to get Kissinger and Cheney to visit The Hague.


Good. Now do the same for Mladić.


Serbians have a version of history which differs from that of NATO.

How many Serbs did Wesley Clark kill? And when will he sit in the dock at the Hague?


If it’s a version that pretends there was no genocide. I’m already disinterested, and I’ve read enough Serbian apologism to know there’s a certain willingness to sweep a lot of that under the rug, even when there isn’t outright denial. There is, as always, certain inconvenient nuances to history that make it hard to honestly paint any side as angelic and the other as demonic, but I don’t for one second entertain the notion that Karadzic bears no responsibility for genocide.

I will acknowledge, as I have on numerous occasions, that ever since Dresden the US has fooled itself into believing that bombing campaigns are a productive no-muss no-fuss way to fight wars without regard to what’s happening on the ground.


It’s called ethnic cleansing.


That was the whole point. Wesley Clark did not go down the street stabbing Serbs with an ice pick. But he was responsible for killing them. And I seriously doubt that Karadzic ran around stabbing Muslims, either.
Both of them were in the ‘management’ ranks … and both killed people through the orders they issued.