Raiders of the Lost Ark's Hovitos fertility idol

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Throw me the replica idol. I’ll throw you the replica whip.


I have a cousin who has one. She keeps in her one room apartment along with here 57 children.

Huh - I never noticed that little guy poking out before.

If only we spoke Hovitos, we could warn them.

On a (slightly) more serious note:
One of the reviews claims this to be a re-cast of someone else’s work- so before you impulse buy, you might want to at least consider tracking down the original maker and buying it from them.

Well, sure–according to the item description, it’s “made out of a mold cast from a [sic] original prop.” The prop was someone else’s work. While I’ve got some questions about whether Reel Art has a license to make this stuff from Lucasfilm/Paramount, I wouldn’t be too worried about putting some artisanal hand-crafted idolsmith out of business by buying this knockoff over somebody else’s knockoff.

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And remember - it’s lighter than you think it is.


I did a photo shoot with one of the “real” ones for a McDonalds commercial tie in in the late 90s. I don’t know how many were originally fabricated, but it is unlikely that they made just one.

It was brought there by a white glove wearing archivist from LucasFilm and handled with reverence. It seemed ridiculous, but I guess there is a bit of historic significance, of sorts.

As a modelmaker/prop builder, I found it to be surprisingly poorly crafted. In watching it again in the original movie, I realized how much they were able to get away with, and how the imperfections weren’t apparent in the 35mm film.


And all this time I thought “Hovitos” referred to some kind of high-sodium snack chip.


In a perfect world…however “track down” may be a little more difficult than you think. Google “fertility idol prop replica” and tell me which result to follow…

it does not belong in a museum.

Did the original?

“Planet Hollywood is too a museum!!”

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Use that on your wife the next time you want to go to Hooters.

There can be some surprising institutional Hollywood fetishism with some things. My wife inherited one of her grandfather’s Oscars (the one from Roman Holiday), but before then it “lived” at her parents’ house. At some point, AMPAS asked to borrow it for some event or other that had to do with historic Oscars, and when my mother-in-law agreed to lend it for the event, the Academy sent a black limousine for the statuette to ride in.

I guess there are some things one doesn’t entrust to FedEx or UPS.

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I picked up a cheap Hovitos fertility idol money bank in Nakano. Looks just as nice. :wink:

Is this, also, the object of Jamie’s One Day Build? Still in awe/jealousy of Kirk’s captain chair. For him, this would probably be a One Hour Build. Oh wait:

He’s already got one. And he has Jones’ bullwhip. And the Sankara stones from “Temple of Doom.” I think what Jamie is actually attempting to do is recreate the warehouse scene from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark…


His place looks like one of those homes on “Hoarders” except that every single thing in his collection is LEGITIMATELY AWESOME.

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