Disneyvision: strobing zoetrope holotank filled with glitchy rubber characters


Clicking “This Review” brings me back to this same Boing Boing article.

Unless you’re being really meta and referring to your own videos as the valiant try in “this review” which is the very review we just read.



Honey, I think the Vectrex is broken!

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Look at this useless Disney crap. Just look at it.


I think it’s a pretty cool meta toy, and kudos to whoever thought it up - wherever they work. I’m interested to see what results are possible using various types of action figures. Boba Fett dancing his ass off would be pretty sweet in my office bookshelf if articulated figures will work. Hopefully looks like they’re doing some kick ass breaks :smiley:

does it come with Laura and Leland Palmer, and Agent Cooper ( w/ doppleganger) figures?


The “This Review” link should go to this video, but the HTML is slightly screwed up:

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Oh, my word. I both want one of these and find it VERY creepy. My wife wants one too - lol…

Kudos to the designer; it exactly fulfills the purpose I believe it was meant for. And yes, if you can get other action figures to boogie on its stage, that’d be nothing but pure win.

WTB 2 inch rubber cthulhu action figure.

Looks like christmas came early to Cory this year. Share and enjoy!

That is kind of terrifying and I kind of want one.

You should rig up some light-triggered sound generators to it

You could try videoing it in the dark. Disney probably won’t reach out and take your soul… probably…

What? How else do you think they feed The Mouse?

It reminds me of the old “holographic” (but not) Time Traveler video game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Traveler_(video_game)

Misplaced quote mark – all fixed. Thanks!

“Disney’s Disneyvision” strikes me as brandism.

That’s neat. It was created by this guy, Lin Shih: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2013/04/behind-the-scenes-look-at-creating-vinylmation-inspired-ardy-for-radio-disney-music-awards/

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cool. this guy gregory barsamian , does it life sized (and bigger than life sized) . truly amazing to see in person. his site has lots of pics & videos.

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