Rainbow-Shitting Unicorn Socks


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Good! But could be better.

second chance today to use that gif!


Contrary to the product description, these Rainbow-Shitting Unicorn Socks [Amazon] are not “womens” socks. They’re my socks.

Don’t even get me started about the completely arbitrary gendering of clothes! Practically every time I look for or buy clothes, I puzzle over this nonsense.


Wow and they are 120 per cent made of stuff.


They look pretty fun, but would have to be much larger to fit my oafish feet.

I was going to say that it would also be fun if there were a Requiem for a Dream version, with rainbows shooting from one unicorn’s ass to another’s - but that scene from the movie is fucking depressing and quite off-putting. :rainbow:


Just like every other scene from that movie.


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