"Rainbow swamp" caused by natural oils on water


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AFAIR this is usually a result of the bacteria themselves, not oil they release. Has to do with their size in relation to the refractive index of water. Oil plays a role in a wider sense ( membranes build from a lipid double layer).




We all came out to Montreux…


I hope everyone goes there for the perfect Instagram picture and then ruin it.


OK, so now the frogs are turning the swamp gay?





Obviously, this is where the unicorn poop accumulates.


I wonder how the mosquitos are in that area. Oil on swampland used to be a way to suffocate mosquito larva.


There might be gaytors in that particular swamp.


Wouldn’t spilled petroleum/crude also be a natural oil though?


Nature’s pollution.


O M G! What are they putting in the water?!?! I bet it’s dihydrogen monoxide!



Oh wow! So this is what I took a picture of a couple of years ago in Italy. And there I thought it was some kind of a human-made oil spill.
(Later I spun it off into a bit on Annihilation’s shimmer. Sorry for plugging & Hi everybody, longtime-firstime reader-lurker here.)


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A Gustav Klimt painting comes to mind…


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