Raising money for a UBI fund that helps families affected COVID-19

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I love the idea, however soul sucking jobs are what the powers that be want for us. If people don’t do the soul sucking jobs then the soul sucking jobs don’t get done. Never mind some/most of them probably shouldn’t be done in the first place.

Speaking of soul sucking jobs; working within the labyrinthine bureaucratic systems.

Another thing the powers that be don’t give a crap about doing; helping people or improving things for anyone but themselves.

We need to remember that we, the people, put them where they are. Even though – like any form of blood sucking parasite – they are doing everything they can to remain embedded in the body politic, we need to focus hard on removing them and never letting them come back.

As they continue to remove our legal options by making it harder for us to vote them away, they should come to the realization that they are leaving us only a couple options – wait for them to die off, or accelerate the process.

As for this, it’s wonderful that they are trying as well as tracking how well it works. It would be great if our government would make strides toward a solution like this, but the government we have now will never do it. Remember to vote for change toward the better, if you’re still able/allowed to vote. Sharpen the blades if you aren’t.


It’s not just about villainizing the poor…there’s another aspect to that moralitarian viewpoint. In the Seattle UBI experiment, back in the 70s (there were several in different cities), one of the effects was a rise in divorces. But the utterly wrong conclusion was drawn…it wasn’t that women decided to live a life of delicious sin at government expense but that the UBI gave them the agency and power to get out of abusive relationships, kicking the trash to the curb.

But all 1970s academics saw the destruction of the family unit and decided UBI was not healthy for society.

Patriarchy: you’re soaking in it.


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