50 members of congress push Biden for recurring stimulus checks

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/01/28/50-members-of-congress-push-biden-for-recurring-stimulus-checks.html


Those checks / moneys go directly to & into local economies. As opposed to corporate welfare billions that goes directly to offshore accounts never to been seen again.


The group of House Democrats, led by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), sent a letter to the Biden administration on Thursday calling for regularly delivered checks through the end of the pandemic, rather than a single $1,400 payment that is likely to fall short of expenses like rent or mortgage payments.

From this, it would seems like the commie soshalists understand more about the concept of “cash flow” than the Galt-worshipping “fiscal geniuses” across the aisle (in reality, of course, the latter just selectively ignore it).

The pandemic is upending a lot of long-held BS neoliberal assumptions (e.g. WFH in white-collar companies is “impossible”). The idea that a UBI is “unworkable” is going to be similarly tested and found wanting if the House Dems get their way (which, to be clear, they should).


Income inequality needs to be fixed. It sucks that it took 1/2 million lives for people to start realizing it.


But that’s what your friendly Neighborhood Monetary Extraction Systems (Walmart, McDonald’s, BoA) are built for!


As a US citizen living abroad, I feel kind of ambivalent about accepting stimulus checks (for which I am eligible). I will try to spend that money locally on my next visit though.

Edit: I am also double-dipping, as I was also eligible for last year’s stimulus payment from the Japanese government…

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Many people here would know that I was working my art biz out of San Diego, but lay my head down in Tijuana. Currently, I’m accepting Pandemic Unemployment Assistance because some people still don’t know how to act during a pandemic.
If Congress approved a check for you, by all means take it. That little voice in your head is the conservatives and centrists trying to convince you that you’re not worth helping because you’re not back home making yourself available for exploitation. You still pay taxes to the USA like I do, right? It’s your money. Take it.


I would say that you are an exception. take the money.


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