Rakim on NPR's Tiny Desk

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Scott Pelley is totally killing it on the drums.

Oh yessssss

Still smooth AF. Missed him here in Pittsburgh, still kickin myself.

Rakim is the master of smooth, always loved him with and without Eric B. Great stuff!

My long positive opinion of NPR is raised a notch of respect

I always love the music on Luke Cage. I also got a kick out of how KRS One’s appearance included “Jack of Spades”- a song written for blaxploitation spoof/ homage I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.

The music in Luke Cage has been great, but there’s something a bit sad and very lame about an old head like Rakim being rolled out to narrate the plot to a superhero story (Ghostface’s appearance was also pretty bad). Check out Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s Midnight Hour though, it’s really great.

Rakim is a god, and gods don’t age. So he can’t be an old head.

Whoah whoah whoah now just HOLD ON A SECOND.

I’m a white boy from the Cotswolds in England, and Eric B & Rakim’s Follow The Leader was the first record I ever purhased, aged nine. I love it to this day, and if Rakim really is back, it is a sign that maybe we aren’t all living in the darkest timeline after all.

Now, three years ago my wife and I went on a road trip from Memphis down through Mississippi to New Orleans, and as part of it stopped off in Clarksdale MS, where we saw this crazy talented kid, Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram, play in the Ground Zero club. He was brilliant, and I’ve been making occasional online searches to find any recordings of him I can, ever since.

And that’s him, on guitar in the background of this video, isn’t it?? If you possibly get the chance, pay whetever it costs go and watch that guy play his guitar.

This has made my musical news year.

He does a couple of songs in the new season of Luke Cage too, they were very good. His style isn’t exactly traditional, almost sounds metal at times, but he’s pretty great. Was the first I’d heard of him.

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