Watch this amazing 20-year-old acoustic guitarist play Led Zeppelin's Kashmir

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He can jam with me and my Dear Wife anytime.


This guy is amazingly talented, but I REALLY don’t like this version.

I know, yes I’m disappointed, but IMHO this is a song that is great without all of the frantic guitar percussion.

Here’s a video showing his skill (and it seems his classmates are both amazed, and tired of it…):

and a more recent one with the percussion: (imho doesn’t detract from the original as much as the Kashmir one…)


These both are great videos.

I wasn’t super thrilled by Kashmir largely because of the percussion. Master of Puppets in particular does a good job of showing off his skill in a more controlled way. I’m gonna have to avoid looking up his other videos on YouTube. I’ve got enough distractions :smiley:

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Also, he seems to be a lot like this guy what with all the banging and tapping.

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I don’t even have to click on that link to know that’s almost certainly Luca Stricagnoli (although I could be wrong). I can appreciate the skill that goes into that, but it’s always felt a little on the gimmicky side of things. He’s even got that guitar ring that he uses now to really enhance the percussive elements of his playing (which doesn’t help the gimmicky feeling I get).

Edit: Shoot. I was wrong. That’s what I get for making assumptions :joy:

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Alexandr Misko, actually. But you are correct - Stricagnoli is the link I ought to have posted. Misko is not always as percussive, but uses it often enough, though.

I don’t think I’ve come across Misko before. He’s good. I fall down the acoustic guitar rabbit holes every once in a while. It’s fun to explore what people are doing with the instrument these days, even if it’s not quite my thing.

Misko is good - but I really did switch them in my brain when I posted the link. It should have been Stricagnoli!
But at least my error introduced you to a new rabbit hole. :wink:

It’s says a lot about Stricagnoli’s style when you can post the wrong link and I still know who you’re talking about :smiley:

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I actually like Misko as the percussion seems to supplement the song, not forced as a dominant part (especially songs where percussion isn’t already the dominant feature).

But yeah, it gets kind of gimmicky.

I think I would tend to mostly agree re Misko. Perhaps slightly less so about Stricagnoli.

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