Rallygoer makes dog raise right paw in Trump loyalty pledge


I can’t fault anyone for not recognizing it. Its not a part of history people in the US talk about…

And it was about 2,000,000 people in support of the NAZIs. It was a counterculture movement. They may have not ‘joined’ but they were certainly down with what was happening in Germany. Very supportive. All onboard. Thinking it was an example.

It spread through the poor displaced in the dustbowl. It spread through the bread lines.

Remember the national language of this country was almost German. German immigrants made up a huge portion of our population… and they kept their culture and heritage and ties… and when Germany went NAZI, they felt they could, and should, too…

Along with communism and socialism. During the depression this country almost came apart politically. Not in the papers. In the streets, breadlines, work camps, and flop houses.

Socialism won. :slight_smile:


From this side of the Pond, the Dem convention image looks quite alarming.


For me it’s mostly the flags - this is something I don’t know from living in Europe.

But I still think that all party conventions are similar and one image is not enough to tell the whole story.

French PS (social-democratic)

German CDU (conservative)


Holy shit… It looks like adults who’ve come together to work out solutions to hard problems.

Is it?


Well, kind of.


Born, raised, and educated in the U.S. and I have never once been asked to pledge allegiance, much less forced to. However, I was always sent to very progressive schools (we had actual hootenannys in elementary) so my experience may well be atypical.


People in 1939 weren’t dressed like they just rolled out of bed and realized it was time to do the laundry.

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