Ralph Wiggum becomes brilliant in German




I can do at least one of them!

Ralph sticks an ice cream cone on his head. In english, it’s “I’m a unicorn!”

In the German one he says “I am an Eishorn”
which conflates eis (icecream) and einhorn (unicorn)


I’m convinced that the Simpsons is 10x better in German, provided you know the original English lines.


What am I missing here? How is Ralph a different character in German?


Yeah well they think David Hasselhoff is a singer.


What I’m really curious to know is what Üter Zörker is like in the German version. Did they give him a silly American accent?


He´s Swiss in the German version.


nur anschauen

German dubs

So Rainer is known for his American accent in Germany?


Oh, that’s a hoot. I wonder if they rotated all the other national stereotypes too. Is Apu from Pakistan in the Indian version, or the Bumblebee Man from Guatemala in the Mexican version?


My kid likes anime, but there are just a few titles that are simply incomprehensible to Americans. I explained to him it’s just like how the Simpsons’ jokes are so intensely American they would be almost impossible to translate.

I could be wrong. Maybe Japan is just insane.


Well, in the German version of Muppet show, Swedish Cook is Dänischer Koch.



Chef, please.


Yeah, I’m not getting it, either. Is he more verbose or something?


No, all his lines are quite literal translations from English.


He’s a Dane Cook then?


The voices of Bart and Lisa are surprisingly similar in German.


Yeah, I’m totally missing this big transformation. He seems his usual Wiggum-esque self.


Apparently Super Milk Chan is in that category


Actually, it’s “I’m a Unitard!”