Ralph Wiggum: an appreciation of the only child on the Simpsons



I still say this: http://boingboing.net/2014/06/23/ralph-wiggum-becomes-brilliant.html

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Wait, did Ralph die or something? That’s so sad. I always worried about him - did he have the same glandular condition that Gary Coleman suffered from?

Yes. But they are trying to keep it from you, he has been replaced by another boy who looks and sounds like Ralph. They think we won’t notice. HA! As if anyone else would say, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

Good eye!

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He was the only one walking barefoot.


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In the next season they are actually going to kill off a character. My prediction is Sideshow Bob.

@TheMudshark from this thread… I believe Uter is supposed to be a middle-aged man in the German version:

j/k. It IS pretty fascinating that they portray him as Swiss though… surely Austria would’ve been a better fit, though Austrians have been known to be a little touchy.

Nope, sorry guy. Rodd & Todd.

It’s somewhat telling that the children of a highly religious man are depicted so similarly to a character that we’re supposed to assume has development issues. Just Sayin’

Yes. Nancy Cartwright is leaving the show, so Ralph will be killed off.

What? Do you have any confirmation of this? Last I read the producers were still being coy.

There’s no way Nancy Cartwright is leaving… she voices a HEAP of characters.

Ralph holds the honour of uttering the line in The Simpsons that is strongest in my memory of the series:
“I bent my wookie”.

Well, I AM Austrian and NO, we are not “touchy” at all, thank you very much.

Also, no, Uter is not supposed to be a middle aged man in the German version.

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