Rambling confession offered by strange hoarder creates more work for Trump’s beleaguered legal team

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Keep talking, Donnie, keep talking…


Loose lips sink shits.

Has no one asked Trump what Ivanka, Jared, or Don Jr. thought when he showed the classified documents to them? Were they impressed?


Donnie talking about the case is a perfect collision of his needs-- his comments make it harder for him to win, but he needs to gripe about it all as part of his fund-raising efforts as the “victim.”

He’s gambling that he can hold it all off until he wins in 2024 and then crush the entire thing with executive powers.


The only man big enough to bring down Don Tinyhands is Don Tinyhands.

Apparently Don Jr was so impressed, he spilt his coke.

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I wish it was more of a gamble than it probably is.

Cannon can issue a hundred different rulings that will hamstring the DOJ and delay the case, and once he has the nomination is there any confidence that any court (much less this joke of a judge) will have the moral courage to continue the case?

The last seven years have been an unending series of supposed checks and balances passing the buck and hoping that someone else will do the job they’re too craven to do. I hope this time is different.


I love this, just for the extra stress it’s causing his legal team - they knew what they were getting into. If it also results in direct consequences for Trump, all the better (but I’m not holding my breath just yet).

It’s been pointed out that his best legal strategy at this point is to say things directed at his base so they’ll elect him again and he can pardon himself. Ultimately that’s who he’s talking to.


I am very much not enjoying my late lunch at the moment, so my alter ego Super Cynic makes his appearance here. I suspect that Cannon’s warp-speed trial date is more about convincing the Smith team to not have her pulled off the case. With even less than top-tier lawyers bailing, Trump could be left with especially crummy legal representation. So (to any legal eagles out there)… questions: Can a Federal District judge overrule a guilty verdict? If so, could that ruling be based on the defendant not having competent legal representation? Could her overruling be overruled by a higher court?

Given the so far known massive preponderance of evidence against Trump, I wonder if Cannon would still take the career-jeopardizing risk of overruling the only logical verdict possible: guilty


Polite request to the DOJ: Will you please make the lead prosecutor be a highly qualified person that goes by the name of Brandon.


I go back and forth on how I feel about the possible outcomes of the case. Cannon is clearly the biggest wild-card here.

Trump argued aspects of this case before Cannon last year, so now he faces the possibility of contradicting whatever he told her last year. This may test just how in the tank she is.



I’ll check out the link. In the meantime, I can’t imagine that she is not hearing from any GOP congresspeople — some who are even further in the tank than she may irrevocably be… and some who would really like to see Trump out of the picture. (Wisdom: A Trump back in office could even retaliate against GOP officials who, in his opinion, did not defend him well enough.)


I hope this gamble goes as well as his prior experience with gambling via his defunct casino…


She can issue a judgment notwithstanding the verdict and/or grant a motion to set aside the verdict, which basically means that no reasonable jury could have reached the verdict. For criminal cases in federal court, this would be extremely unusual, and would be subject to review by the Circuit Court. But it would drag things out by months, at least.

The 11th Circuit opinion reversing her insane decisions last year would have been enough to shame any judge with an ounce of self-respect into rethinking their behavior, but I have no faith that someone like her is capable of that kind of shame.

There’s really no chance of that happening, so I’m not sure that’s playing in. The prosecutors can make a motion for recusal, but they are almost never granted, and the Circuit Court will only reassign the case if the District Court is blatantly refusing to follow an explicit order they’ve issued. Which is an extraordinary step that Cannon can avoid by dragging her feet just enough to technically comply with the Circuit Court’s orders but still making the prosecution untenable (if that’s what she wants).

There’s been a lot of unfortunately bad reporting on recusal by some otherwise smart people who read the plain language of the statutes and then pontificate, without talking to lawyers to actually practice in those courts or reading the caselaw that explains how those rules are actually enforced.


Better than the “Raw Story” link is the Rolling Stones article that it summarizes.


Lock him up!


Seriously, who can go broke running a casino?


Q: When is a casino a failing business?

A: When it’s a money-laundering operation.


Headline judges:
10 10 10 9.9*


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