Legal experts predict Donald Trump's doom

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The scary thing is, it doesn’t matter how iron-clad the case is if he and his lawyers are successful in running out the clock and he gets reelected before the conclusion of the trial. That’s absolutely plausible.

The Feds already put in a motion to delay the start of the trial from August 14 to December 11, and Trump’s lawyers want to push back the start date even later.


I mean, there is the caveat right there. Everyone knows Trump is guilty and that his defense is nonsense should be no surprise. His hope is obviously that he gets special treatment and they let his crimes slide, the way people have for his entire presidency. It looks to me like that is running out…but let’s not imagine that the law was ever the point in contention.


We’ve been down this road so many times without anything substantial to show for it that my mindset when I read these opinions is ‘I’ll believe it when I see it”.


[expletive deleted] believes he is winning the trial in public opinion, i.e., his base. He says what he thinks they will believe and keep them loyal. Sure it runs counter to what any competent lawyer would tell him (i.e., STFU). But he is bone-headed enough that he will never change his public stance, because that has always worked for him in the past, and he can’t admit that he was wrong.


The thing is, everything he’s saying isn’t intended to be a legal defense - though legally he’s so screwed that outright admitting to his crimes doesn’t make things significantly worse. He’s solely directing this at his base, to create a defense in their minds. Perhaps coincidentally, his best strategy in the legal case is to be reelected and pardon himself. It’s hard to know if Trump is thinking that strategically, or he’s just doing his usual thing of getting his narcissistic needs met and it also happens to be his best option for avoiding consequences.


On one hand, we are talking about a man who has never won a court case.

On the other, he’s currently scheduled to have the single most corrupt Trumpkin judge ever, who’se already been censored for rulings that had zero connection to actual laws, because she’s never bothered to find out what those laws are and doesn’t care.

This could still go either way.


From what I understand, the reason the feds want to push it back is to give more time to run people through the needed clearances for some of the material.

I also suspect that the 11th circuit court (i.e. her bosses) are watching very, very closely. I don’t think she’s going to fuck things up; the first ruling setting that august trial date was extremely by-the-book; the pundits I’ve been listening to all seem to agree on this matter.


Look, I think this is all damning, and looks really bad for Trumpie-poo, but he has a knack for getting out of trouble. As much as I would like to believe that he will be held accountable, I’m not going to count on it till he’s in shackles and out of appeals. Lots and lots of experts said he couldn’t get elected the first time, either.


It’s been debated before whether Trump believes his own lies or not, so I don’t know if he says this stuff because he believes it or if it’s just him trying to convince himself it’s true, or maybe just provide talking points for his defenders. . .

The law is still the law, if Judge Cannon is going to try and scuttle this case she’ll have to do it on technicalities or playing very obvious procedural games.


I mean, this obviously isn’t a viable legal defense. It’s a public relations defense. Just keep repeating false claims about what he is and isn’t allowed to do, and this shores up support among his base. Even if he’s convicted, his base will say it was a political prosecution and he did nothing wrong.


Yeah, I’m not accusing the feds of malfeasance but a delay is a delay, and the longer this trial takes to conclude the better the odds that this guy does some kind of self-pardon or fires everyone involved in the DOJ.

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Unless and until a guilty verdict is reached, she has SO many ways to throw sand in the gears of the prosecution, all without giving them very much to work with on appeal. Screwy rulings on motions in limine, rulings on witness credibility that are extremely difficult to overturn, jury selection and instructions, the list is long.

And if she does get reversed, again, with a stinging opinion from the 11th Circuit laying out what a clown she is, again? What does she care? The opinion would be a badge of honor for the social circles she cares about, and the reality is that she is an unqualified hack with a lifetime appointment that she happens to owe to this defendant.


with any objective judge

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America really doesn’t like prosecuting ex-presidents. Nixon got off scott-free and so did Reagan. I imagine the families of 1 million dead Iraqis wouldn’t mind seeing George II in a court room also.


Predictions of doom have never made me feel so good. Does this mean I’m goth now?


The thing that seems so mad here is that she obviously should recuse herself, even if it’s just out of a modicum of caution.

The fact that she hasn’t speaks poorly for this issue to be speedily resolved.

IANAL, but from what I understand the law says ‘ a judge should recuse if the judge’s impartiality “might reasonably be questioned.”’, which is obviously the case her given her previous outlandish judgments on a similar matter.


The fealty and corruption of this judge is such that, despite the reprimanding, she no doubt maintains that her decisions were valid.

Recusal would be an unfathomable admission of her corruption.


Listen to his confession