What happens next in Trump's federal prosecution? He gets arraigned before a judge of his choice

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Probably one of the many reasons he relocated permanent residence to Florida. Friendly judges.


With Cannon in control of sentencing, a Jury could find him Guilty on all counts and she could “sentence” him to 3 months Probation.


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So yet another opinion piece by a wise and deep thinking pundit (Damon Linker) in this morning’s New York Times.

The TL;DR: No matter what is done to/against trump it will benefit him. Oh he deserves to be legally pursued! But all for naught as “10s of millions of americans” will insanely see him as the martyr to all their imagined frustrations. Ok… sure, that’s likely true, but we really already knew that. Tell us something we don’t know! Like how to be rid of him! But instead, this is how the article concludes; we’re apparently doooomed, nothing will help, and we learn nothing for having read it! @#$! Why do editorial boards invite such vapid jeremiad??

The More Opposition Trump Faces, the More Popular He Becomes, and He Knows It

How politically radical could the base of the Republican Party become over the 17 months between now and the 2024 presidential election? There’s really no way to know. We are heading into uncharted and turbulent waters.


I heard a different take on the reasons why it might be good to put him in front of a judge in Florida (as opposed to DC), as well as putting him in front of that specific judge.

As for the venue, the crimes were mostly done in Florida. Plus the accused cannot complain about being tried in unfriendly territory of DC. For the judge, there’s an argument that she’s already been slapped down publicly and shamefully, so she will be inclined to take her job more seriously. Also, with this judge, the accused can’t complain of an unfriendly judge. Seems that the prosecution is preemptively taking the wind out of the windbag’s sails.


Ooh, that is thinking ahead.
Therefore, he didn’t do it.


will not be convicted, no matter how damning the evidence. That conclusion is not defeatist or cynical; it is a mere acknowledgment of the reality that Republicans have created by stacking the bench with venal mediocrities like Aileen Cannon.

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I don’t get the headline. He chose the judge?

He appointed the judge but he didn’t get to choose her for this case.


Maybe he didn’t, but it definitely seems like whoever did isn’t following the rules or guidelines, given the appointed judge’s recent history…

Courts also have a system to check if there is any conflict that would make it improper for a judge to preside over a particular case.



The headline is a little click-baity, but yeah, I think it’s just referring to the fact that Trump appointed the judge who, for now, has been assigned to the case. That could still change, though.

That’s…a really odd piece. I’m not sure what the point of it was supposed to be. It reads like he didn’t actually read the indictment. This is not about Trump’s politics. And I think anyone who reads the indictment for themselves will see that. There is a real opportunity here, but it doesn’t look like Republicans or FoxNews are taking advantage of it yet. I really think they could turn a good number of Trump’s hardcore supporters around if they would just show them some of this stuff. Show Trump talking before about how important keeping classified information is, and then show those pictures with those boxes and say, “These aren’t fake. This is real.”


And, ideally, show transcripts of the briefings all departing presidents get about liability of retaining classified materials.

To lean on your expertise a bit, can you fill in the blanks of how this judge was assigned to this case, and by whom? From what little I read, it looks like it’s usually either a rotating thing or a random draw, but they’re supposed to have systems to prevent exactly this kind of obvious conflict, so how did it even get to the point of a public announcement before rectifying that?


I’m still in law school. I have no expertise, just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Mostly to myself. Anyway, my understanding is it was random-ish? Like, if it’s a brand new case with no history, it’s assigned randomly. If there’s history, which there is here, they often will assign the same judge who heard the previous case, which here is Cannon. That may be why she was assigned, but I don’t know for sure. I personally think she’d be better off recusing herself, but she probably won’t. Hopefully the slapdown she got from the appeals court in the earlier case will be enough to make her tread carefully.


I don’t think there’s much she can do to sink it during arraignment. A neutral judge could potentially look at T****’s history and put him under monitored house arrest to prevent flight from prosecution and issue a gag order regarding the trial. But if the 11th Circuit follows their own guidelines, Cannon won’t be assigned the trial itself. It’s not uncommon for a different judge to hear the trial than the arraignment.


He’ll have to give up his passport too.

They should slap an ankle bracelet on him for good measure.


She can be forced to recuse herself. So yes, she will probably tread carefully to avoid being taken off.


This one?


An arraignment is a pretty staid affair. He’s not going to plead guilty nor is there a deal being offered.

As long as he is represented by a lawyer, it will just be a ceremony of hearing the charges pleading “not guilty”.


I’m not a lawyer or an American, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.

AIUI, in federal courts, the sentencing guidelines aren’t “guidelines” so much as “hard limits” on both minimum and maximum sentence, and the judge basically can’t go outside those.


According to Michael Popok, she will be forced to recuse herself due to her past performance on this matter.


What would be the point? The guy wants to be elected president again. He’s not going anywhere where the U.S. Marshals Service can’t find him.