Florida judge, hand-picked by Trump, sets his trial date six months before 2024 election

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Federal judge Aileen Cannon, nominated by “President” Trump while in office, split the difference Friday

I’m sure she considers this a judgment worthy of Solomon himself. Sadly, liberal democracy in America might take the place of the disputed baby in this story.

A judge appointed by von Clownstick who was actually committed to fairness would have recused herself.


Pokes Georgia:

Better get that indictment out so you can get your preferred court date, so it doesn’t overlap someone else.


I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the start date doesn’t ultimately end up slipping back further than that, and downright amazed if it actually concludes before the election.


so much for a Speedy Trial. Sentencing will probably be AFTER the election and pending Appeal(s) of course.


I support dividing trump as a solution- one part for each trial and any extra bits can go campaign.


The extended trumpunditry on MSNBC were figuring on a “split the difference” to land on March 2024. So, a May date could suggest a bit of appointed-judge spine melting. (…trying to keep in mind that this indictment might be the lesser of several to come)

UPDATE: Friday, Jul 21, 2023 · 7:43:33 AM PDT · Mark Sumner

Cannon’s order also sets the location of Trump’s trial as Ft. Pierce. This is an unusual ruling because the origin of the case was West Palm Beach, and cases are not supposed to be moved without cause. Moving it to Ft. Pierce places the trial in a more heavily Republican area and also puts it in a tiny courtroom with very limited room for media coverage.



The worst of all worlds. Unnecessary delay combined with putting it just before the election to give him a boost if he’s acquitted.

And with this judge and jury pool, no one should fool themselves that acquittal is not more likely than not, clear evidence of guilt notwithstanding.



Lawyers need to get cleared and it takes time. I’m wondering if a shady trump lawyer could ever pull it off.


It’s generally in the defendant’s interest to delay as much as possible. Especially when you get to stay out of jail pending trial. It’s a classic Trump tactic.

He’s hoping he can delay and win the election so he can pardon himself for any federal crimes, or fire everybody in the DOJ and only hire people that will drop any pending litigation. It’s just disgusting. The party of law and order indeed.


The trial will coincide with TFG trying to make his closing argument for re-election. I don’t see how having to respond to a steady drip of unflattering evidence in an espionage trial is going to help him.

Nor do I think that an acquittal will garner him additional support. The mythical undecided voters of America aren’t waiting to see him acquitted before pulling the lever for him. If anything, a conviction is more likely to get his rabid cult members off the couch and into the booth.

I think the timing of the trial is probably a net negative for TFG, but I’m skeptical it will push the outcome of the election in either direction, and honestly, that’s a shameful reflection of the state of American democracy.


“Do you own a red hat with any of the defendant’s political slogans on it?” will likely get asked to multiple potential jurors during jury selection.


Have to disagree about the benefit of acquittal. He defines himself as a “winner,” and getting to brag about beating Smith and prevailing over an unjust DOJ that he’s going to bring to heal is not an unappealing message to his base, I don’t think. (assuming he’s acquitted, which is obviously up in the air but in my opinion more likely than not)

But I also concede we’re discussing a group that does not act rationally, so predicting what they’ll do next year is not exactly a science.

And I agree that it likely isn’t going to swing the election on its own, but I do think its a data point that contributes.

Unfortunately there are a dozen ways the Cannon can sabotage the prosecution in the jury selection process, a lot of which can be made very difficult to appeal.


It, like some of the other recent cases, are definitely personal blows. In his younger days he was an acolyte of Roy Cohn, who told him to avoid actually ending up in court (usually by running out the clock and bullying with his money) and who told him that if he did not to lose control of the venue to his opponents or a judge. Until he entered the White House that was his M.O., and it worked well. He can’t do that anymore, and anytime he’s forced to enter a courtroom you can see the profound pain it causes him.


No way to know what this will mean, still too much to happen before then. By that point the primaries should have decided who their nominee is.

I wonder if she thinks this is a good thing for Trump, like free publicity during the heat of the campaign, or as some kind of thing they can hype at the convention if Trump is the nominee, “We’re being persecuted!!”


The speedy trial is a right afforded to the defendant if they want it. The defense can waive the right to a speedy trial. The guy that murdered my classmate back home has deferred his trial 11 times.


And who would that be a problem for?

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I have every expectation that the defendant’s legal “team” is going to throw every monkey wrench at their disposal into the trial proceedings to delay this until his inevitable self-pardon.