Trump's Federal election interference trial date set for March 4th, 2024

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Manhattan Trial: 25 March
DC Trial 4 March
Georgia Trial (also) 4 March
Super Tuesday 5 March


Now that all (most?) of the chips are down, it really seems like the DOJ election interference and Fulton County trials are the most likely to advance to trial and hopefully conclude by Nov. I would love for AG James in Ny to be the one to nail him, but that and the classified docs case seem least likely to wind up with incarceration, especially considering Aileen Cannon still has some fuckery to dole out. If they can stick to these trial dates, we may avoid fascist takeover attempt 2.

Overall, Georgia seems to be the one that is most likely to erode his reputation, especially if televised. It’s the easiest for the layperson to understand and will make for some really humiliating images. I’ve been reading a lot about how cults are deprogrammed lately and it really seems that weakening the leader is the most permanent fix.


Trump’s fartcatchers weigh in:


Trump’s lawyers were basically trying to pull a “how about never?” and it backfired. Good.


A speedy trial is a speedy trial, even if you don’t want a trial at all.

A speedy trail is a right of the defendant, not the prosecution. It’s granted by the sixth amendment. It prohibits the government from keeping a person in jail for extended periods while awaiting trial.

When the defendant doesn’t waive their right to a speedy trial in a federal case, the deadline is seventy days from date of arraignment.

The speedy trial is also the right of the public to see justice done in a timely manner, or at least that seems to be a meme in the legal system nowadays, particularly after the long delays in these prosecutions. This isn’t codified in the 6th amendment, but does seem to carry weight with some of the judges:

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan chose the date for the four- to six-week trial after hearing arguments from prosecutors who sought a Jan. 2 start and Trump’s defense lawyers, who requested a start in April 2026.

“The public has a right to prompt and efficient resolution of this matter,” Chutkan said. “I want to note here that setting a trial date does not depend and should not depend on the defendant’s personal or professional obligations."


Please tell me that this date holds and that the prosecution is still presenting their case at the end of the following week. I’d love to see some prosecution witness metaphorically stab Trump in the back with their testimony on the Ides of March.


Conversely the defendant doesn’t have any right to an unduly lengthy trial.


And by that measure, every state in the fucking union is failing, as well as the federal system. In the exact same location where Trump and his cronies surrendered themselves, there are people who have not been convicted of a crime who have been there for TWO YEARS! So, maybe focus your ire on those cases rather than being pedantic about the constitutional meaning of a speedy trial…

That being said… It benefits ALL of us to have these trials out of the way as soon as possible, well before the next presidential election.

Yep and that seems to be Trumps major legal strategy for his whole career - drag shit out, gum up the works, etc…


From what I understand, the georgia trial will likely be rescheduled, possibly earlier? possibly later. waiting on that update.

Right, didn’t one of the group of stooges demand an quick trial as is his right and it was set for late October, which then also implies the others move up if not separated?


One article I saw called it a four to six week trial, so that’s probably going to happen.

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He also only weighs 215 pounds.


Only the best lawyers.


Trump attorney Alina Habba claimed that the former president will not need any preparation ahead of his numerous overlapping trials because he is “incredibly intelligent” unlike the “average person.”

The average person isn’t stupid enough to get themselves entangled in four criminal trials and who knows how many civil trials at the same time.


If I remember correctly, Trump is current a defendant in four separate criminal cases:

  1. Misappropriation of funds for personal use in the porn star payoff case
  2. Tax evasion by mis-stating his company finances in New York state
  3. Stealing classified documents
  4. Attempted election rigging in Georgia state

All of these alleged crimes took place over three years ago. A lot of people would say there has already been more than enough delay in the trials.


Senate meeting 15 March


Cry more!

(Narrator: He can’t appeal that.)