Judge tosses Trump's attempt to stop Georgia investigation into election interference

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Perhaps this will serve as the only worthwhile thing the man ever did; to finally establish legal precedent at both the state and federal level that being an ex-president means jack shit legally.




I don’t think anyone else in history has spent so much on lawyers for so little to show for it. (And yes, I know he regularly skips out on his legal bills too).

One of the few heartening things about the Trump era is how completely and utterly he’s failed to bring the mechanisms of law over to his cause (with the notable exception of his SCOTUS appointees, who are basically the same boilerplate neocons we probably would have been stuck with if any other Republican had won the White House).


He’s not paying for this, the whole point of the PAC is to get the rubes to pick up the tab.


“The investigation into my 2020 election interference is itself election interference.” -Trump


One can only hope on the ‘more indictments than electoral votes’.

… by which TFG is trying to mean “interfering with my attempt to run in the 2024 electrion”.

what a pathetic loser.


Some uncomfortable things to ponder about trump and Georgia…


Fani Willis has shown herself to be a woman of fortitude who gets shit done. Feel free to dismiss her and this case, but it matters, and I’m guessing this is yet another domino about to fall.

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And yes, we know that the criminal justice system is fucked up, and lets white, wealthy men off the hook. But Between Willis and Jack Smith, there certainly seems to be some real movement happening on these cases. I’d rather them both move carefully, and get it right, and for him to have some real consequences for his actions, rather than to rush it through, and he get off on some stupid technicality. For a case like this, which is pretty unprecedented, I’d expect things to take as long as they’re taking. There is certainly an argument to be made that things should move faster, but given the high profile, this is what you can expect, careful movement to ensure it’s all working properly. This seems to be one of the few times that shit is working as it should - compared to the REAL fucked up aspects of our criminal justice system, which rushes through cases of working class defendants (who are often POC), practically forces them to take plea deals (whatever their actual guilt) and then throws them into a pretty brutal for-profit prison system. THAT is what we should be highlighting - not that one of the most critical cases of possible treason to the american system is going slower than we’d like it too… At least it’s fucking GOING. :woman_shrugging:


Crime Wave! Look, he make the funny face again

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@Mindysan33 As I understand it, this is taking place in (or near) your neck of the woods. I’ve been reading about the security preparations and the fact that DA Willis has cleared the court’s docket for an entire week.

I hope you’ve battened down the hatches and that nothing serious happens, other than some noisy protests.


She’s interviewed several people who support Trump in an earlier round of this (special grand jury, which doesn’t have indictment powers, just investigative powers)… I’m sure some supporters will come to protest, but not enough to cause any real problems. And I’m sure they all believed his BS about how “dangerous” downtown ATL is (it’s not… half of downtown is not a bunch of college students!), so they avoid downtown ATL like it’s a warzone or some shit.

I’m not too concerned, but just in case!

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