Georgia starts investigation into Trump's election interference

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Good. In the absence of Republicans with integrity in the Senate, every state that can do so should be hitting this con artist from every angle.


“This administrative and fact-finding investigation finds that it should have been a criminal investigation. Therefore, there is nothing more we can do here.”


As a Georgian, I say “good.” However, this is just an investigation for a Republican Sec. of State by a Republican attorney general, Chris Carr. If it ever goes to trial, Trump will just say he genuinely thought there was voter fraud going on in GA, and the judge (probably? a Republican) will say, “Okay, then. No harm done.” It’s amazing to me that criminal intent has to be so conclusively proven in a case like this.


see also, Mueller Report


Let’s hope he gets thoroughly discredited (shouldn’t be difficult) and found guilty of something - ANYTHING! Deserves to get thrown in the slammer. Still thinks he’s president and a god, from what I’ve read.


The TL;DR is: by Georgia state law, they don’t have to distinguish between whether, when Trump asked to “find” 11,750 votes, Trump meant for GA to “find” 11,750 of the “his” claimed “500,000” votes. It’s immaterial whether Trump intended them to find his votes or manufacture illegal votes. The state law is incredibly broad: it says its a crime to report any vote that is not correct. And we know Trump’s mens rea, his intention, because he himself said he won by 500,000 votes. So, it would not be a crime if he’d told Raffensperger to find 500,000 votes. It is a crime for him to tell Raffensperger to find 11,750 votes, a number that is, by Trump’s own claim, not correct. Case closed. (I mean, the Defense rests.)

The TL;DR of the TL;DR is:


So, if I genuinely think someone committed a crime that would get them the death penalty, it’s okay to solicit a hit man for that, right?


Not exactly, but apparently in a case like this, all Trump has to do is convince a judge that he sincerely thought there was fraud, and it all magically gets dismissed, because there was no “criminal intent” on Trump’s part. It makes zero sense to me, but that’s what I’m reading about this case.

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If true, this is infuriating and deeply unsettling. We have systems and laws. If you think there has been fraud, you use those systems. You could even lead large peaceful protests.
It’s insane that there is any excuse for what he did. You do not rile up a mob to violently overtake the Capitol!


Totally agree. If you have GOP senators, I urge you to contact their offices and vote to convict. I’ve got two Dem senators, and I plan to contact them anyway tomorrow. I urge everyone to do this. It does make a difference.


Several legal pundits have noted that one of the things that makes it harder to nail Trump on criminal charges than most folks is that almost everything he says is so goddamn crazy that it’s difficult to show willful intent.

His legal defenses largely rest on “your honor, my client is a complete tool whose words can never be taken at face value.”


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