Fulton County DA opens criminal investigation into Trump's Georgia election interference

Originally published at: Fulton County DA opens criminal investigation into Trump's Georgia election interference | Boing Boing


Everyone, Pile on the Orange Stain! Hopefully something will stick.



Looks like he ate some Sichuan peppers.

Open the shit gates Randy, here comes the shit flood of lawsuits.


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I really need to print that out and stick it in my landlord’s mailbox to troll him but I think he would raise my rent if I did :sweat_smile:

That’s basically their bullshit stance in a nutshell.


I hope they’re doing it properly, and not caving into Republican pressure to whitewash it. I mean, he’s pretty obviously guilty, so it won’t go well for him if someone’s actually serious about prosecuting.


There was a very, VERY important aspect of Trump’s call to Raffensperger that the press has largely overlooked. I seriously hope that the house impeachment managers are aware of it.

Trump had a lawyer sitting next to him on that call, advising him in real time about what he could, and more importantly could not say. That lawyer most certainly was devising strategies to create some level of plausible deniability for every legally questionable remark that Trump made. In this one instance, Trump crossed the legal line too far, and the lawyer quit.

But here’s the thing. This is very likely how Trump has operated for decades. He breaks laws left and right, but his legal team continuously steers him away from the deepest hot water. When Trump wants to threaten and intimidate someone, his lawyers sit down with him and tell him what he can get away with saying. They create the strategies in advance for protecting him in court (if it should come to that).

So unless you realize that holding Trump accountable means that you are facing preconstructed strategies from a team of Harvard grads (and not just a dimwitted megalomaniac) you are bringing the wrong weapons to the fight.

Edit: Seems worth adding that these legal strategies (aka smokescreen) were also being provided to the republicans during his time in office. Every time a democrat (or a republican with a shred of conscience remaining) called him out over some aspect of the ongoing malfeasance, his backers would dig out the plausible deniability du jour and throw a little outrage on top.


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