Rancher takes feds to court over camera they placed on his property without permission


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The silence from the Cliven Bundy crowd is deafening…


Go to the press, go to the courts. Self-policing, particularly WRT law-enforcement agencies (I AM THE LAW syndrome) is horse-hockey. Though it does make his case look better in the press and courts that he tried the “legitimate way” first.


Well, they think that white people should be able to treat public property as if if was private property. Is any surprise that they think that feds should be able to treat the private property of brown people as if it was public property?


Actually, I am on a number of right wing sites, and they are pretty uniformly on the rancher’s side. This is the sort of issue that has potential to find favor on both sides of the ideological spectrum.


Ninety percent of the Canadian population lives within 100 miles of the U.S. border.


That’s interesting. So property rights are more important than “securing the border” to them, do they realize that Trump’s border wall would also go across private property?


The owner should tell them that many states have laws that it’s legal to shoot a trespasser after dark.

“It would be a shame if there was an unfortunate accident, so they should call before entering my property. Here’s my personal cell phone - please reach out on that line if you want access to my land.”



That’s way too dangerous a game. Border control could just say they saw a suspected drug runner that appeared armed run into the ranch house.

That sort of phallus flinging leads to armed standoffs.

Of course this can also.

I guess the current plan is to run America’s reputation into the ground enough to make it unpalatable to immigrants?


The current plan is to turn America into a racist theocracy where women are second-class citizens, POCs are slaves or target practice, Party-members bone rent-boys and porn-stars on the QT, and only white people can own firearms on penalty of summary execution.

Fascism for short.


Ah well, no one has ever accused the rightwing of consistency. My reading is anyone taking an antigovernment position is a hero. I will be prepared to pop up some popcorn when the legal fights over property rights vs. eminent domain start! They won’t know who to root for.


And hopefully US Customs and Border Protection never gets confused about on which side they have any authority.


100% of Michigan residents fall within CPB’s claimed enforcement zone. You’re fine on the Canadian side, assuming RCMP mostly behaves itself.


The constitution (well, bill of rights) makes it painfully clear that eminent domain for public uses is legitimate, so long as just compensation is given.

That said, it wasn’t a bunch of right-wing justices who found for the government when it used eminent domain to take a house away from a private party and give it to a private land developer.


Rather than remove the camera, mount a sign on a pole in front of it, “Private Property, no trespassing” or similar.

The technical route would be to identify which $300 Internet of Shit camera they were using and buy one to experiment on.


Is that a wireless camera, it looks like one of those Game cameras, I got one recently to watch my bird feeder,

Eventually the next step will be the Project Angelfire (Ross McNutt’s eye in the sky, developed for Afghanistan)
and they won’t need game cameras to surveil


Repeatedly trespassing on his property, installing cameras on his property without permission, and harassing his family are all maddening enough on their own, but collectively? I would have a hard time, if I were in his position, keeping myself from totally losing my shit. He’s the model of self-restraint and forbearance.


I fear the case will last five minutes and end as soon as CBP utters the mystic Words of Power:
“Your Honor, Because Terrorists!” it’ll all be over.


“Hey! Free camera!”


US Gov agents using someone’s property without permission? Unheard of!