Random logging out?

Dear people in charge-

I keep getting randomly logged out. I have no issue logging back in, but it seems to be kicking me off at random. I think I saw someone else in another thread with the same issue.

a Loyal end user!

I’ve just been presuming the cookie periodically times out and/or someone changes the server and requires different cookies. Yes, it’s a nuisance.

It’s happened to me infrequently for the past few months. Still infrequent. Firefox 24.

I just had it happen twice, within a 15 minute or so span. Once while I was clicking between two different topics. I wouldn’t have said anything, and just chalked it up to what you said (or user error on my part), but I saw someone else (IBM? Maybe it was?) mention it in a thread… Also, this is the first time it’s happened to me, except for when I’ve shut down this particular computer.

I’m not a techy, so I don’t know what it could be–if it’s normal or a real glitch that needs to be addressed. I just thought I’d put it in a topic and say something in case it is an issue that needs to be dealt with…

Same here and it never happened before today.

Yep, new bug, we were fixing an issue where you would look “not logged in” after you logged in (due to browsers caching, say, the home page) but it introduced new bugs.

I’ll let @sam answer since it is his bug.

(p.s. you weren’t actually logged out, you just got served the same page as an anonymous user, pressing refresh would “fix” it.)

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This is fixed now, let me know if you notice it happening again.

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