You were logged out

I was reading a post (Lego store detains …) when suddenly this appeared:

It did not lie. Upon clicking Refresh (like an idiot?) I was indeed logged-out.

I was able to login again without incident.
However, after login each tab that I had had open had the above message on it, required a click on Refresh and then went to the main BBS screen (although the back-button got me to where I wanted to be). I remained logged-in in all other tabs upon going to the main screen.

Curiously, my browser just crashed, and after restart I was logged-out again.

Weird. That’s the message you get when you log out via the hamburger menu at upper right. It also logs you out on all devices, all sessions by default.

It’s a feature.

Well, you should not see that unless you actually pressed the

Log Out button.

I did not. I was hands-off mouse and keyboard reading when it occurred.

This sounds a bit odd to me, are you 100% sure nobody nowhere clicked the logout button for you (kids messing with computer, etc)

I was at work. My browser did crash shortly thereafter, though. Perhaps related?

unlikely, but if someone hit the button on the home computer it would totally explain it :slight_smile:

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