Unable to PM

I was composing a private message the other day and switched tabs to compose a reply in another thread. I found when I was done that clicking on “message” under any user no longer opened a dialog. I have tried logging out and back in again, as well as logging into boingboing with different browsers. @codinghorror or anyone else have any ideas?

Hmm, not sure what state you’ve gotten into. @sam any ideas? Logs show a lot of local JavaScript errors about $B here not sure if that matters.

Are you running any plugins or user scripts?

Maybe try cleaning out your localStorage on the browser that started the issue?

Local storage gets cleared every time I shut down the browser, which I often do in between sites. I normally run a host of plugins on FIrefox which is why I tried in Chrome where I have nothing installed. I get the same behavior either way.

ETA: I just tried from a throwaway account and it works fine. Considering my local storage gets cleaned between sessions, it seems like the issue is server side.


Found the bug … fix is deploying and should be here in about 3 minutes



No worries. Thanks for looking into it!