Huh - anyone else have the BBS stop working in Fire Fox?



Huh - this morning, things were fine. Then when I refreshed the page went blank.

Any new BBS window is blank. I can view source and a bunch of code comes up… If I didn’t refresh an old page, it would update with new posts.

Thinking it was me, I show down FF and opened it again, now all the tabs are blank for the BBS. Main site is fine.

So I was like huh - and copy pasted a link in Chrome. Came right up.

I am on a Mac, if that matters.


Looks normal to me so far. (Firefox/Linux)


I don’t see any problems in Firefox on the Windows 10 computer in my office, but I don’t have a Mac here to check. Have you tried clearing your cache (I guess it’s “clear recent history” in FF)?


Cache Clearing worked! Thanks. That was weird.


Yeah, that’s always the first thing I try when something goes wrong in a browser. Next would have been “have you tried turning it off an on again,” of course.



Same here. No problems for me, with same configuration (Firefox on a linux machine).

And looks like the problem was fixed before I even bothered showing up!


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