Ranger School officer slams critics of female graduates

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Who wants to bet that those critics are the same guys who think this is a reasonable way to depict combat-ready women in video games?


they are still barred from combat as Rangers because of regulations forbidding women in those roles

You spelled “bullshit” wrong.


I don’t know why people think this is so hard to believe. As I understand it, Ranger School is really tough, but not nearly as hard as some of the other schools. Just like Ronda Rousey could probably kick a lot of guy’s asses, at least a small percentage of women in the Army could complete the course. While for sure there are physical differences between the sexes on average, there are always outliers.

In other news, I met a lady A-10 pilot about a year ago in Target. She was in her flight suit and I freaked out with my kid because I love the A-10 and she gave me her squadron patch.


I’d heard anecdotally that women make better fighter pilots (allegedly because they stay more calm).

Even Robert Heinlein mentioned this idea in “Starship Troopers”.


I am jealous considering how the Air Force is trying to kill off the A-10 program. You’ll have a little piece of history there.


Completely ridiculous and unpractical. Where the hell is she going to store her ammo? She could get one, maybe two magazines between her boobs and thats it.


Yeah. It is sad. And I know people in the Infantry who consider the A-10 a savior and thought it was the best close air support in the field.

The 30mm cannon is just a godlike piece of engineering.

Also, another fun fact, I have this cool bolt that held in the ejection seat of an SR-71 blackbird. Its threads are gold - not real gold I think - but gold colored. Not sure why. The rest of the bolt is chrome or nickle plated.

On the contrary, she looks like she is locked and loaded to go on a deep cover mission.

(To the beaches of Brazil)

I heard that to pass Ranger school, one needs at least 60% of the peers to vote to accept these candidates. Something tells me that for these recruits to pass, they TRULY earned it.


That’s reading awfully close to denigrating “Ranger School is no biggie” for me, and that’s bullshit. Between the calorie restrictions, the mental and physical expenditure, and the full expectations of competence while under those conditions in the battlespace and the cherry on top being a 12 mile full-pack forced march that must be completed in under 3 hours, successful graduates are ready to drop in anywhere and make it go bang in a variety of ways, entirely on their orders. To say that training is anything other than a grueling test of mental/physical/leadership capacity is getting it very wrong.


Right. It’s like saying that one Olympic sport may be more physically or mentally challenging than another.


I’m saying that the physical demands are very tough, but not nearly as extreme as say BUDs where the wash out percentage is much higher. And the training is much, much longer.

Graduation rates at Ranger school in 2011 was 42%. Vs BUDs which IIRC is something like 20% with the pool of people trying out much smaller as they are already pre-screened.

It’s not that it’s “no biggie”. But given the fact more people complete Ranger school, and there are more out there with Ranger tabs, it isn’t as hard of a course. That doesn’t diminish anyone’s accomplishments, just trying to inject perspective.

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Am I missing something here? So women are becoming more welcome among the ranks of foot soldiers for the empire’s ongoing plunder and murder of other countries’ people and their resources. Um, yay?

The most admirable goal of feminism is the replacement of patriarchy with an egalitarian society. It is not the movement of women into positions formerly occupied only by men because those positions call for the kind of order-following machismo mostly exemplified by (some) men.


This can be written to account for a wide range of topics:

that a certain brand of ___________can’t be convinced no matter what
evidence they’re offered about ________________, because they aren’t
interested in evidence; they’re interested in undermining _______________.


That said, I’d be entertained to to see some of these ‘Blame it on Obama’ assholes say it to their faces :smile:


Maybe they just need more Rangers! If I had to spend an extended period of time in enemy territory I’d take an Army Ranger any day. Just my opinion.

As far as I know, feminism is nothing more than the (surprisingly) radical claim that women are people too. Full stop. So, yeah, women can be macho order-following imperalistic raping, murdering and plundering killing machines too.

Or, y’know, highly disciplined and highly trained soldiers, carrying out the grand strategies and policies established by a liberal democratic civilian authority. Whatever floats your boat.

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happily salutes the men AND women of the Rangers

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You’re of course free to reduce it in a common liberal mode to mere personal matters for individual women, but like many whom I admire and follow, I’d rather move further left in pursuit of both broader and deeper change.

Wouldn’t that be nice! Sucks though that what you describe is so far from the reality of the role of today’s U.S. military, which instead is to maintain and further impose imperial dominance and extraction, primarily for the benefit not of U.S. citizens in general, whose living standards have been declining for decades, but rather for the further enrichment of an elite few, who as a class have never had it better than they do now.