Ransom note generator


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/08/03/ransom-note-generator.html


Far FAR too many options and sliders. Am I trying to get a Masters degree in ransom here?


I hear it “pays”.


I can’t wait to troubleshoot this from thousands of miles away, over the phone, to my criminal parents.*

*“Son, I down’t mean to be a bothah, but yoah fathah’s having some trouble with the internet’s randsom page. If it’s naht too much trouble, could you tayl him how to set up the program on the computah for him, maybe? And also the routah’s on the fritz again, with the Skypes going all jaggedy.” {lengthy pause} “Did you heah the news? Yoah brothah’s getting mahreed. You could learn from him, and maybe I’ll get some grandkids someday, maybe?”




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