Rape joke T-shirt taken off department store shelves


What the hell? Who thought this was:

a) a good idea to make?
b) a good idea for the store to purchase and sell?


Where did the phrase come from? That’s some seriously despicable wording.

Wearing one of these? Arrest on site.


Holy crap, this is ten kinds of tasteless. It’s hard to believe this was actually designed by a human being and not by some computer algorithm.


Not terribly surprised. Where English is a second language, all sorts of weird stuff can slip in. Just look at http://www.engrish.com for examples. Lots of companies in Japan make and people in Japan wear English-language shirts without actually knowing what they say, because English is “kewl” (or whatever the Japanese equivalent expression is). Perhaps it’s the same for other places in Asia.

Maybe someone who knew just enough English to be dangerous thought the wordplay was clever but didn’t understand what it was actually talking about; who knows?

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One problem with the article, the artist who spotted the shirt is Karen Kunawicz who is a local artist. The link to the Time article is pointing to the wrong URL as well.

This took place in the Philippines, pretty sure the person who consigned this shirt to SM knew what it was saying. To add to the crap pile that is this shirt, it turns out that whoever consigned the shirt actually plagiarized the design from a website specializing in offensive shirts.


At first, I thought it was another Urban Outfitters blunder.


I bet they’ve still got time to plagiarize it for the Christmas season.


There’s nothing wrong with the grammar and the ‘heart/choking hands’ image makes it clear that whoever made the shirt knew what they were saying.


English has been one of the two official languages of the Philippines (first alongside Spanish and later alongside Tagalog) for most of the last century. You might also note that the web site for the company in question is in English and seems to have no major grammatical errors.


c) Something that someone would actually buy and wear?

Though, I do own a shirt that says “Fuck you, you fucking fuck” I bought when drunk in New Orleans. It has very limited uses.


It would definitely look cowardly at a funeral.

Oh holy christ, I didn’t even get the choking reference until you said something. Eww, it’s even worse now. Thanks for that!

It’s from a Jimmy Carr show.

It’s not murder. It’s a caress with a straight razor.

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I pray you respond and tell me that’s not so. I really, really do.

'tis, though.

Crossing him off my party list.

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They speak very good English in the Philippines.