Rapper 50 Cent's expensive psy-ops prank on rival Ja Rule


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So 50 Cent screwed over 200 fans from being able to go to this show for a prank, which was then followed by homophobic and/or transphobic tweets from Jarule…

How heart warming.


Wasnt 50 Cent broke?


Isn’t Ja Rule too?


He seems to have walked away from that Fyre Festival fiasco unscathed so far while his slimy little partner in the grift got six years in the slammer.

Different rules for celebrities, I suppose.


He was washed up long before that though; I’m guessing being hard up for money is why he was even involved with the Fyre Island scam in the first place.

AFAIK, 50 still has revenue coming from Vitamin Water and his tv show, Power.


And a few fans buying his stuff, I assume.


I would guess so as well…


Dude, Ja Rule doesn’t have 200 fans.



Straight, fair capitalism! Which DIRECTLY BENEFITED Ja Rule, I’ll note. Furthermore, I personally think it was pretty damn funny.

It’s a concert, not a donor liver; relax. What, are you perhaps thinking Ja Rule had a sold-out show…?! Mmhm, yeah, that’s it, yeah =).

Yes, however, the homophobic response was lousy.


I’m 100% on board with 50 Cent and Ja Rule spending whatever money they have left buying out each other’s shows and then writing up the results as a textbook example of a negative sum game to economists.


Ja Rule is so irrelevant now I’m not sure why 50 even bothered.


My guys, 50 cent is no where near broke. Lmao


Guy just sold 200 front row seats at a show. Not bad. Not bad. Those seats are always expensive!


In the end, it’s sorta master level trolling. I think it’s pretty funny. Personally, If I had a ton of money… well… I’d probably do similar shit.


Ja Rule gets paid either way and it’s not like the venue can’t do something about those empty seats either. It’s just dumb. Nobody has cared about the beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule for the last 15 or so years.


seated rap concert? that’s kinda lame!


I’m glad I’m not the only person who thought that. Sure, classical, or more low key, less ‘dancey’ music is fine seated, but hip-hop?


Why do these people think 50 Cent is broke?
50 cents not broke! Get a life!