Rappers' Vocabs Contain More Unique Words Than Shakespeare, Moby Dick


click The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop by Matt Daniels to view the interactive chart and read the methodology and notes on the individual emcees.

Aesop Rock crushed everyone (his placement on the graphic is not to scale since it would be so far to the right.)

Pleased to see GZA (ranked second) and Blackalicious’ emcee Gift of Gab ranked highly particularly since @maggiek made a post (the permalink 404s but here is the BBS thread) about GZA doing physics rhymes and I laid Gift’s Chemistry Calisthenics on her in the thread.

I dunno how he would rank (Daniels didn’t have data on newer rappers) but I’ve been listening to Action Bronson and Run The Jewels (Killa Mike and El P) today; as well as De La, who scored respectably. How 'bout y’all?

EDIT: looks like I somehow botched the link to the actual page (∘=̴⃙̀˘︷˘=̴⃙́∘) it’s fixed now.

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