Rare Bowie photos


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Kids: that thing he’s wearing in the photo on the BB page is a “stash bag”. (In the late 60s, fringe (usually leather) was a somewhat required fashion accessory for a time.)




Stock photo must not mean what I thought it meant.


odd that the photo used in the header isn’t on that page. did i just miss it?


Also “rare”, given that the first photo in the list was one of his album covers.


Why am I not shocked that Bowie wins at “celebrity mugshot”? Looks like a fashion shot, cool as a cucumber.


Anyone recognize the woman on the right?


Roberta Flack.


ChuckV is is right. Roberta Flack confirmed.


Actually, it looks exactly like the new purse I took to my first day in high school in 1969. The guy with long hair sitting next to me in homeroom said (and I quote): “Heavy purse!” I replied “No, it’s not really…” (cluelessly).




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