Rare two-headed snake in Turkey


Wait, was it a snake or a turkey?

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what is going on in Turkey?
Two-headed dolphin washes ashore - Boing Boing

As foretold in prophecy!

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It’s a snake that eats very small turkeys… I think.

It’s not as bad as I thought at first…

A farmer found a two-headed baby…

It is just south of Chernobyl…

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ÂżWas it a car or a cat i saW?


Two headed snakes, while rare, seem to be much less rare than two-headed anything else. Not sure why though.

Oddly, there’s a similar higher-than-you’d-think incidence for cats born with two faces. Happens enough that there’s a standard name for 'em - they’re called Janus Cats.

I was going to say two-headed snakes (and turtles and other reptiles) are unusual but not unheard-of.


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