Rasl: dark comic from Bone creator Jeff Smith




I always cringe when I see a crumpled up canvas of the Mona Lisa in pop culture…


I read Bone since issue #1. Loved it. Started reading Rasl when he started putting it out there. Didn’t love it. I just didn’t find the writing as fluid, or the themes he was tackling that interesting. Like Corey says, it was very nerd-interest-specific, and to me, done so at the expense of the story / theme / overall point. The ideas seemed conventional, the characters, kind of flat. Not that Bone doesn’t have a list of obvious influences, but it just fused everything in a personal enough way to give it a unique life- and I don’t really care for fantasy as a genre, I just loved Bone for itself.

But… I only read the first few issues of RASL. Does it get better for a non-sci-fi loving non-nerd?


No it doesn’t. You actually need to like SF. If you don’t you probably won’t like the comic, because it references many SF tropes, and also, some things that only nerds care about. I loved it myself, but I actually wish there had been more art related stuff, as well.


Bone shares the spot of my all-time favourite comic with Akira, so I´ll have to check this out, even though the description hasn´t really got me excited.

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