Bone is possibly one of the best fantasy series ever told


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I’d never read it until recently, and sadly not the whole thing. I read the first two paperback volumes and what i read was pretty great :slight_smile:


For the longest time, I would flip through the single-volume B&W at the bookstore, and look over to the smaller color books, wishing I could have the best of both worlds.

Then I discovered the color single-volume online. And then I bought it. It’s a great series.


Well now I’m just left wondering what I’m supposed to do.

(Just kidding. I already read Bone.)


Bone is awesome. Personally I prefer the newer color re-releases rather than the big compendium of the original B&W linked above… I bought both, and then I gave away the omnibus to an appreciative friend.


Eh… I appreciate that it’s a staggering accomplishment ten years in the making, and the art is quite nice, but I don’t quite see the story as having the staggering import that some suggest it possesses.


My take was “Lord of the Rings by way of Pogo.” So I enjoyed it on that level.


Sunday morning at the Old residence:

     Old:  <slurps coffee>
Mrs. Old:  So whatcha reading this morning?
     Old:  It's a fantasy called Bone.
Mrs. Old:  Perv.


The prequel, “Rose,” is amazing and heart-breaking. It should not be overlooked.

For those who thought that all of this was kid’s stuff, there’s always “RASL.” Jeff Smith is the real deal.


possibly one of the best; strong words indeed.


When Fone meets Thorn for the first time? One of my most favorite single panels in comics.



Sometimes a bone is just a Bone.


read and reread and reread Bone from high school on. it’s one of those on my shelf that I just can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to read so i can live it again.


Everything isn’t for everyone.

But I love Bone. I should probably re-read it again.


I think I only read the first two books (not a big comic book guy), but they certainly have a lot of charm and wit. Great artwork too.

Pity that the TellTale game series didn’t last longer. It was their first ever game as well, so there’s a bit of history for you.


[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:84238”]
Bone is possibly one of the best fantasy series ever told[/quote]

I approve this message.

It’s rare when a comic book makes you laugh out loud and Bone did that numerous times for me. It’s one of favourite books of all time.


I loved Bone, but tbh it drags on a bit. The more fantasy it went, the more it lost its punch IMHO.

This said, it’s probably an excellent comic to introduce small kids to comics, considering modern superheroes are a bit too aggressive for under-10s IMHO.


I took my son to a comic book shop to buy/introduce him to some classic Marvel titles like Spider-man but the covers are either extremely violent or sexual. Also how many titles and iterations of Spidey do we need? I gave up in the end…

They really figured out how to take the joy out of that past time.


My 4yo daughter loves TeenTitansGo, along with her brother and mother - her favorite character is Raven. I showed wifey some pictures of the comics-version of Raven, and she was not amused. I sincerely hope my daughter does not become interested in comics. OTOH, there’s no real safe space is there.


The British Invasion / Image / manga / movies “waves” changed expectations. I guess their average reader is now 16 to 24 year old, they definitely seem to have given up pre-teens. I went through suggestions for my 7-year-old daughter, and the only superhero titles vaguely acceptable were Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl.