Raspberry Pi 5 deemed powerful

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what ever happened to pi version 3.14?


It’s a moderately niche case; but there’s one reported regression that seems rather peculiar, and potentially a real problem for some: hardware video encoding is gone..

It matters not at all for a lot of things, and it’s manageable for others; but it’s kind of a weird move in tandem with upping the potential camera connections to 2x 4-lane MIPI transceivers.


could the theory be that the software can do it “good enough” if the new cpu and memory is overall faster? maybe then the extra hardware for decoding would raise the price?

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This headline… just has me imagining robed wizened figures all nodding in agreement sharing raspberry pie and looking at small form pc nodding.
the hobbit GIF
Where is the AI that auto generates gifs… so I can always share a more appropriate gif? We will put the meme makers out of business.


Hoping for a RPI 500 in the future. :crossed_fingers:

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They are going to intro 6.28 . Double the speed of pi version 3.14!


Wouldn’t that be a Raspberry Tau…


Yeah, no VP6 encoding components in the integrated GPUish thing? And again, it is possible to power it at full tilt with enough red anodized heatsinks fitted and one USB-C PD connection? Nope just pipe more in on HATs?

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No, a Raspberry Elon. The musk one. /s

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I think this was the way to solve some problems of performance on software-based codecs… To improve general hardware processing

just make sure to order the one with the gold connectors, otherwise you don’t get the warmth of the original usb


Don’t forget to ensure it’s oxygen-free gold too, oxidized gold loses loads of signal quality :slight_smile:


Mint-muddle the ichor of the rich!

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