Raspberry Pi up 31% in stock market debut

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/06/11/raspberry-pi-up-31-in-stock-market-debut.html


I feel a little bad that I’m immediately assuming this means enshittification of Raspberry Pis. Supply-chain problems aside, I’ve always felt that RPis always delivered what they said on the tin, so to speak - and now I wonder how much longer that’ll be the case.


My pi4 is lurking at the back of a drawer somewhere. Does anyone know if the os is up to playing YouTube videos without shitting the bed yet? If so, I might use it for that, as I’m using an old phone to stream music while I work at the moment.

Aye, reckon the only way to go from here is a buyout. Seems to me there’s already much lamenting that the new models are straying away from the philosophies behind the earlier models.

(On that note, do people still do things with Arduinos? They don’t seem to be as trendy as they once were.)

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I hope they don’t go downhill. I’m really close to picking one up to use as a retro gaming/movie setup for the house.