Raspberry Pi's new microcomputer is 10x faster than before


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/10/raspberry-pis-new-microcompu.html


If you’re going to run adverts like this, put less bullshit in them. Your readers deserve better than this.

The Pi 3 is not new, as the title says. It is not ‘recently released’, as the article says. It was released six months ago. That’s a long time in computing, as everyone who works for BoingBoing surely knows.

The title says it’s ‘ten time faster than before’. The only coroboration to that I can find is a comparison against the original Pi, not the Pi 2.

Sure the title nor the article claim it’s ten time faster than Pi 2, but most people will assume a comparison against the previous model. The title is misleading by omission.


FYI I am not sure how much @jlw can edit the ad copy I do know he can fiddle with the titles but this is the stack social store not BB proper. I don’t know what the terms they have signed are but I do know the try to filter out some of the more scammy ads and if it helps them pay the bills and keep BB up and running I can give them some leeway.

However do feel free to make fun of the ads here as it is a bit of a hobby on the BBS side of things.


Shouldn’t that be “Raspberry Pi 3.14192…”? :wink:


That really was a missed opportunity, even if it would have confused the heck out of some people.


There is something that I can’t for the life of me remember that has version numbers approaching pi. I think it might be the Raspberry Pi, but I’m not sure at all


Well perhaps we could do a special offer order 22 get them delivered to 7 different addresses for free.


The Pi 2 has a 30 day delay on shipping. This has a 3 day one. Ten times faster. :smiley:
Shipping times from supplier may vary.


22 over 7? If there was only a word I could use as a mnemonic to remember that!


Donald Knuth’s “TeX”


Yes, that’s it, thank you!



This is totally how it works.


They probably can’t, but it doesn’t matter. If they don’t clearly separate them from their content then they have to own every word, whether they like it or not. Just that someone else wrote it doesn’t absolve them of anything.


Not to mention William Worley’s ‘predecessor to fortran’, pitran.


they don’t need no stinking absolution !!
they have dragons


Oh, it’s a 3. That’s OK, then.

When I saw the headline I thought I was going to have to buy another new Pi.


[quote=“Horkus00, post:12, topic:85061”]This is totally how it works.[/quote]Actually, you need to buy the courseware bundle. 72 hours of lectures on five different topics, a $65,535 value that can be yours today at 97% off! Or something.


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