Rave.dk: artificially intelligent automatic mashups

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I get the feeling it understands the structure of the tracks perfectly…

That’s the thing about artificial intelligence: it’s not intelligent. It doesn’t “understand.” Understanding is a thing brains do.

Nevertheless, you chose Rammstein.

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Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mooooiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnd.

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Terrifying for all the right reasons.


This is too fun, and honestly it’s a much better theme song for the worst child in history.

I’ve been messing with the site for the past few months

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I must be missing something. I haven’t figured out how to get it to “take” a youtube URL.

It is a little odd. Paste the url. Hit enter. Click on the video thumb/name that comes up auto-suggest-like. Bob’s your uncle.

Yeah, that’s not quite working. The URL appears in an auto-suggest-style drop-down, but clicking that does nothing. Thanks, though.

Sorry, talented humans just have a better ear for this sort of thing:


Couple of friends of mine can mix and match beats adequately enough to segue between tracks just with 2 YouTube tabs and the pause button. I introduced them to 2 YouTube’s and a mother fucking crossfader’s website, but apparently that’s not for purists of the art…


And some subvert that ear to their terrible whims.

Weirdly, it choked up in Firefox, but worked fine in IE11. Might be the fault of UBlock Origin.

Long have I hoped to mash up the Rocket Jump Waltz from Team Fortress 2 with the main theme from Star Trek IV. That dream will not be realized today.

I’ve spent a few hours more than I should have playing with this today (fortunately my bosses are distracted). I’m pretty impressed so far- it falls apart a bit from time to time, but there are also some moments of pure magic, even if just by accident. [https://rave.dj/E_DwSRHc4XEuMg](http://Here’s one that has some nice moments)

Gets better by the end

I’m really excited/horrified about this outsourcing of creativity/new tool.

Scratching the surface with this one (at 34 seconds):

(Had the idea to combine them here: http://walkswithdave.tumblr.com/post/176610718922)

Oh, and tighten yer headband for this one:

Then jump thirty seconds into this Biggie Smalls vs Thomas the Tank Engine pairing to get what you came for.

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiit

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For my money, the traditionally produced (hand edited music and inevitable video) Lazy Town mashup that entertains and offends the best is:

“Cooking by the Book” A Lil’ Bigger Mix
Lazy Town feat. Lil Jon
2fort2furious Greatest Bonks
Mixed by Mastgrr
Directed by HatPerson

Really enjoying playing around with this. A couple I have done have turned out reasonably good. But even in those invariably there is a moment of sonic clash. I wish after the clip was created there was the option for very simple edit. Just the ability to mute or lower the volume of one track for a second or two would do the trick. And the ability to delete really bad mash-ups to save space.

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