Ray Bradbury's captivating explanation of his Mr. Electrico character's uncanny origins

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I saw this somewhere else today and it has stuck with me, a real creepy but weirdly positive short story in itself.


What a beautiful story. Bradbury was a Happy Mutant long before the first issue of the BB print zine.




I know he lost his mind a little to the right wing nuts toward the end, but Ray will always be my favorite. Forever and forever.


An addition, as this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this story and I suspect it’s not first time Bradbury has told it:

A long time ago before Dennis Miller became the worst version of himself that we know now, he had a short lived talk show and Bradbury told a shorter version of this. It was just the elctrifyication and then the guy saying the words “Live Forever!”

But I can’t find that video or the Dennis Miller worth talking about anymore.

Thankful to hear a more complete version of that story. Much more human.


I bet Mr. Electrico liked Triscuits.


A touching story from one of the greats. Thanks for sharing it.

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I saw it today too! I’ve been digging around to find out more for the past few hours. Apparently, Bradbury’s biographer, Sam Weller replied to an Irish science fiction writer who posted the Mr. Electrico explanation on Twitter yesterday. That’s where I saw it.

Here’s something I found while digging around: Sam Weller tried to learn more about the identity of Mr. Electrico. He documented much of his research in this Bradbury forum post in 2005. Weller did not find Mr. Electrico but concludes sweetly, saying

I welcome anyone who can solve the mystery. But do me a favor, drop me a line first, I can save you a lot of time. When it comes to the research, been there, done that.

It is still possible to do, just by @'ing Sam_Weller on Twitter.


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It doesn’t surprise me at all that Bradbury himself has a fantastic origin story.


I first read Something Wicked…’ many years ago, and it’s one of those stories that just sticks in your mind, Bradbury has a way with language that stands apart from most SF and fantasy, Roger Zelazney had the same gift, for me at any rate. There’s a hint of ‘Something Wicked…’ in the TV series ‘Carnivàle’ which ran from 2003-05 as well, or maybe that’s just me.
A classic book, this little story explains a great deal about the writer and the book; many thanks for putting it up.


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